Emotions have powerful effect on our skin. Stress can affect your whole body, skin, and also hairs. We cannot always control disputes, bad days in our life, but we can handle the situations and their impact. This will help to achieve healthier and Smooth Skin.

How stress can affect your skin?

Stress is a chemical change in our body that makes skin more sensitive and also very reactive. During stress skin problems take longer time to heal. You might have noticed that whenever you are stressed you will breakout more. It is because stress produces more cortisol and other hormones by which Sebaceous Gland produced more oil.  People will oily skin is more prone to Skin Problems  and acne. Do you know about causes of acne? Read Here

How to get rid of stress for better skin? To achieve smooth skin, there are some simple steps to curb your stress level and protect your skin. Here are some effective ways to reduce cortisol and enhance youthful glow on face.

Take-black-tea-for-reducing-stress1- Take black tea for reducing stress: – Is there anything better than a cup of tea? According to a study, after completing a stressful task, the cortisol level of regular black tea drinkers fell 20% more than who do not drink tea. This occurs within an hour of completing the task.

This calming effect is due to the natural occurring chemicals in black tea such as flavonoids and polyphenols.

Go-for-walk-to-reduce-your-stress2- Go for walk to reduce your stress: – To reduce the level of stress it is must to spend some time outdoors. People who spend most of the time around green space generally have lower cortisol level than others. So try to visit green space as often as possible. You can go daily for at least ten minutes or you can arrange work meetings outside instead of conference rooms.

Listen-to-music-to-reduce-stress3- Listen to music to reduce stress: – Music is the best stress buster. Listening to music can lower the cortisol levels and can change the mood also. Listen to your favorite song or play any musical instrument you like it will relax your facial muscles and will also calm you down. This will also protect your skin from affecting.

Practice-Yoga-or-meditation-to-relieve-stress4- Practice Yoga or meditation to relieve stress: – Doing meditation daily can significantly calm you. If one practices meditation regularly for 4 months, there will be 20% drop in the cortisol level. So take out some time from your busy schedule and try to meditate daily. Meditation or yoga means to be present in the moment and to engage your senses. So practice it and keep calm and get glowing skin.

Consume-super-foods-for-healthy-skin5- Consume super foods for healthy skin: – Cooking dinner after long working day can be stressful enough. Ending eating up processed foods or sugary items increases the cortisol level to higher level. Fortunately, certain super foods can control the cortisol level from rising. So the right dietary choices can help you to keep calm and fight stress. Including super foods in diet  can also give a healthy skin.

Get-enough-sleep-to-relieve-stress6- Get enough sleep to relieve stress: – Inadequate sleep can seriously increase the level of stress and also the production of cortisol. People who snooze for 6 hours have higher cortisol level than those who take sleep of eight hours. So if you have slept less in previous night then a midday snooze could help.

So try these stress buster solution and get healthy, smooth and glowing skin. Also read article of 10 best ayurvedic creams in India . Click Here

How to Get rid of Stress for Smooth Skin
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  1. […] How stress cause acne? Stress make adrenal glands to overproduce cortisol, by which sebaceous glands over produce oil on skin. This is reason why there is increased acne during stressful period. […]

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