An impressive personality & beauty come across a healthy skin. A large demand is found in search of healthy skin. However, is it possible to maintain skin’s quality only using some products externally without providing some nutrition internally? The skin also needs some nutrition along with external nourishment. A question may arise in your mind i.e. how can skin be nourished internally too? Don’t worry, here’s we are going to introduce some super foods which are helpful in making healthy skin. Cut down your CRAPintake (Carbonated drinks, Refined sugar, Alcohol & Processed foods) if you really want a glowing healthy skin& develop some good food habits which are full of nutritious value.

In this blog, we have categorized some fabulous foods according to our skin type. We think it‘ll really help you out in choosing your foods according to your health benefit.


Foods for normal skin:



Tomato: It is a good source of lycopene. It makes skin healthy by its anti-aging and antioxidant activity. In this winter, you can eat the tomato by preparing soup also.


Sunflower-seedsSunflower seeds: It is a rich source of Vit E. Sunflower seeds keep skin supple by protecting its top layers from the sun. It is high fatty-acid content food.



For Acne-prone skin:


OatmealOatmeal: The habit of eating oatmeal is good for skin. This food contains a low glycemic index. Low glycemic foods are better as compared to starchy foods as foods with high glycemic index increase blood sugar, promote inflammation & gives rise to acne like problems. 


For Oily skin:


CinnamonCinnamon: This spice helps in stimulating circulation & blood flow. A pinch of this spice to morning tea & coffee will produce a beneficial effect on the skin.



For Dry skin:


AvocadosAvocados: It is a rich source of healthy oils & Vit E. Vit E is an important supplement for a healthy skin. This fruit also helps in skin hydration.



For wrinkles & fine lines:


Egg-whitesEgg whites: Egg whites are a rich source of protein. It increases body’s natural production of collagen. Vegans, vegetarians can eat Nuts, beans for the protein supplement.


For under eye dark circles:


SpinachSpinach: Leafy green vegetables along with broccoli and Brussels sprouts are a rich source of vit.K with an effective antioxidant property. Due to the presence of zinc, spinach helps in reducing inflammation and prevents acne.


For dark spots:


Citrus-fruitsCitrus fruits: Dark spots are formed due to an extra pigment which is produced due to UV light exposure. If you add fruits like oranges, grapefruits to your diet plan it’ll produce good effects towards your skin.


For dull-complexion:


TurmericTurmeric: Curcumin in turmeric has an antioxidant property which combats free radicals and reduces skin dullness, wrinkles & fine lines. It helps in rejuvenating the skin as a stimulator for skin elasticity & firmness.

So, these are the examples of some super foods which can make your skin healthy. To make your skin healthy, it is not enough to pamper it externally. You have to provide some nutrients towards your skin internally and utilize some natural products which are full of the goodness of some effective natural ingredients to get an ultimate result.

If you have problems like acne, blemishes, wrinkles, scars, use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Medicinal Cream & for dryness, use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cold Cream, Roop Mantra Face Wash for pimple-free, glowing skin as these products contain the goodness of nature. It’s up to you in which way you want to nourish your skin i.e. by providing it the harsh effect of chemicals with the habit of eating CRAP foods or by nourishing it in a natural way with some good food habits. Let us know your opinion.

“Healthy eating is a way of life, so it’s important to establish routines that are simple & ultimately livable.”

Prefer the right Foods for Healthy Skin
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