Why natural products are better than chemical skin treatments

Everyone desires for a vibrant look. To get a flawless skin, some chemical procedures are also available. Currently, everybody is blindly dependent on Laser Skin Resurfacing to reduce the effect of aging, scars, fine lines & to get a younger look. No doubt although this procedure is expensive, it instantly gives you a youthful appearance. Anyways, do you really think it is good for your skin? You can find your answer after reading this blog.

Here’s we have mentioned some harmful effects of Laser Skin Resurfacing. After reading this, you’ll decide what to do or what to not do with your skin.

What is Laser Skin Resurfacing?


Laser Skin Resurfacing is a popular cosmetic procedure which is used to rejuvenate the skin from the effects of sun, aging & some facial disorders. This procedure mainly reduces the appearance of imperfections on the skin’s surface. In this procedure, the laser is used to dissolve the molecular bonds of damaged skin cell layer by layer.

How it is performed?


Laser Skin Resurfacing removes skin layer by layer with precision. The new skin cells which originate during healing procedure make the skin tighter & younger. The procedure can be performed alone or along with other cosmetic surgeries on the face.

Two types of lasers are available i.e.CO2 laser and Erbium laser. Currently, the CO2 laser is mostly used for tighter and smoother skin. It is also used to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, scars, warts, and birthmarks.

Erbium laser is used to remove the thinner layer of skin. Useful only for patients with healthy skin who want to treat minimal fine lines and wrinkles. It has less healing property as compared to CO2 laser.

Side effects:


  1. Makes skin more sensitive,
  2. Changes in the skin’s pigmentation, including areas of darker or lighter skin
  3. Localized bruising
  4. Laser skin resurfacing recovery will be very hard to a patient suffers from immune system disorder.
  5. Although the laser skin resurfacing procedure may be employed to treat acne scarring, but the active presence of acne can escalate the risk of infection.
  6. Presence of other skin infections like cold sores and herpes simplex also increase the risk of complications during the healing process.
  7. Burns or other injuries produce from the laser’s heat.
  8. Causes damage to your Skin.
  9. Leads to bacterial infection.

Here we have seen that although Laser skin resurfacing instantly reduce your fine lines, wrinkles, scars and give you a younger appearance. It also causes harm to our skin. We don’t say that you should never use this procedure. The choice is yours. Nourish your skin in a natural way because it doesn’t produce any side effects. For the first few days, you’ll give the good results through the chemical procedure. But as soon as time passes, it’ll show its actual results. So, what are you thinking now? Would you love to give your skin the harsh effects of chemicals or the best effects of nature? Let us know your opinion.or

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Why natural products are better than chemical skin treatments ?
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