Common skin problems and their solutions

Skin is the body’s protective outer shell. Lots of harmful elements such as chemicals, infections, cuts and sunlight can affect the delicate body parts but our skin acts as a shield. Time and sun exposure take a toll on skin’s appearance.

Facial skin problems can occur because of age, exposure to environmental elements or any other factor. Some common skin flaws are result of viruses, genetics or some other causes. Today we will discuss about common skin problems that occurs and solution to treat them.

  1. Acne:-

AcneWhat is Acne? Acne generally occurs at adolescent age. It is also known as pimples. Pimples generally don’t stop popping up in your teens and factors responsible for this situation can be humidity, stress, sweating, hormonal changes or can be the use of steroids.

What is the cause of Acne? Acne is the most common skin problem. When sebaceous gland produce excess oil then follicles gets blocked which results in whiteheads or blackheads. If these follicles become inflamed then it causes acne.

How to treat acne? Sometimes, you maintain perfect personal hygiene and diet still you see red bumps on face. But, I should warn you that washing your face too much can cause or worse the acne. Secondly there are lots of chemicals in skincare products so avoid using these products and you can switch to Ayurvedic Products such as Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Cream. In worst cases you require a medical checkup by physician.

  1. Hyper Pigmentation:-

Hyper pigmentationWhat is Hyper Pigmentation? Hyper pigmentation is the brown patches that appear on skin usually due to acne or as a person ages. These are also called as “liver spots”. These patches usually appear on the face, neck, hands, feet or on legs.

What causes Hyper Pigmentation? This darkening occurs when an excess of melanin, the brown pigments that produces normal skin color, forms deposits in the skin. Hyper pigmentation affects the skin color of people and this condition can be worsened by sun damage.

How to treat Hyper Pigmentation? Most common home treatment for pigmentation is to use Lemon as it contains citric acid which is very effective to fade dark patches on skin. Some people also try remedies like Laser treatment, chemical peeling, etc. Once consult your skin doctor and then try the treatments.

  1. Large Skin Pores:-

Large Skin PoresPores are very tiny opening on the surface of the skin. These pores release the moisturizing oils and other body toxins. If pores on the face are enlarges then it could lead to facial skin problems.

Why do skin pores enlarge? Pores size can be hereditary, but pores also appear larger when they contain trapped oil and skin cells. Oily and unclear skin can cause oil to settle around the pores which make them appear larger as skin around them thickens.

How to treat large skin pores? To prevent large pores, a routine of proper cleansing, exfoliation and moisturizing is the best solution for large pores. Regular facial brushing is great solution to keep pores minimized and skin taut. If you are in your 40s then use smart blend of natural anti aging product which will unclog, tighten and will shrink the large pores.

  1. Scars:-

ScarsWhat is scar on face? Scar is an area of skin that is a different in color from surrounding skin that results after injury heals. Although most scars fade with time but some scars remain apparent for lifetime.

The appearance of a scar depends on the nature of the wound that produced the damage, the location of the wound, and a variety of genetic factors that are different for each individual.

How to treat scars?

Scar treatment depends upon the type of scar. Mostly it is treated by creams or gels. Some also go for surgical removal and steroid injections to get rid of scars.

Scars are cosmetic skin problems and to treat it in best and safe way, consult your cosmetic dermatologist to reduce the appearance of scars.

These were some of the common skin problems that people face and the solutions to deal with them.

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Common skin problems and their solutions
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