Smooth, glowing and beautiful skin is a desire of every woman and is appreciated by everyone. Clear skin with glowing complexion is a sign of healthy skin and adds charm to your personality. Vibrant glowing skin attracts everyone. Ayurveda has many time tested ways to make skin radiant, attractive, clear & soft. All these methods are completely safe as it does not involve any chemical treatment.

We all need to know that why our skin tend to become dry, rough and irritated in some seasons and with growing age. As per Ayurveda, the main cause is accumulation of Vata in the body. When Vata is in excess, there are symptoms like cracking joints, brittle nails, thinning of hair, dry hair, and dry skin. Cold & dry climate and Vata disturbing diet are responsible for it.

So the way to stay young is balancing Vata in the body. Underwritten are some Ayurvedic tips which can help you to make your skin look beautiful.

roop-mantra-blog-icon1Have more & more Veggies: Eat vegetables like cucumber, carrot, lettuce,tendor asparagus tips, daikon radish etc. These vegetables have high water content and easy to digest. Being tridoshic in nature, these vegetables are beneficial for all skin types.

roop-mantra-blog-icon2Add Nuts & Seeds to your diet: Regular habit of seeds and nuts in diet improves the health of skin as they are rich in healthy fat, fiber and omega 3s. Foods which have healthy fats in them help to prevent Vata imbalance and strengthens weakened Vata digestion. Add almonds, flax seeds, sunflower seeds and other nuts are good for health.

roop-mantra-blog-icon3Have Herbal Tea: Keep yourself hydrated by drinking adequate amount of water throughout the day. Prefer warm liquids like herbal tea. Sip Spicy tea with lemon and fresh ginger. This will not only keep your skin glowing but also keeps the digestive system healthy.

roop-mantra-blog-icon4Stay Active: Regular exercise is essential to prevent Vata accumulation. Regular involvement in some activity like Yoga, Walking, Dancing, Jogging, Cycling, Swimming, Aerobics etc helps in keeping muscles and joints healthy, along with sweating out of toxins. Regular bodily activity improves digestion, blood circulation and generates a glow with healthy blush on face.

roop-mantra-blog-icon5Trust Ayurveda: Skin is the largest organ of the body and as it is our outer look hence deserves utmost care. Choosing a skin friendly product is vital to keep skin healthy and prevent loading up of chemicals in the skin. Initially with the usage of chemical based products you might get glowing skin instantly but on long run it may harm skin. When it comes to healthy skin naturally—answer is Ayurveda. Regular cleansing is must. Roop Mantra Face wash, blend of time tested herbs purifies skin by clearing impurities and blemishes. Roop mantra Face Cream is a complete Ayurvedic Health solution for entire family. It helps in Refreshing, Revitalizing and Nourishing the skin. Not only this, it is helpful in protecting skin from acne, pimples, boils, skin infections etc.

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Ayurvedic skin care Tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin
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  1. Thanks for such useful information i’ll definitely try to incorporate all the suggestions in my life.

  2. Nice Blog!!! The information about Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips For Healthy & Glowing Skin is good. many people are facing skin related issues, Everybody wants clear skin. The tips are found really helpful. ayurvedic treatment is always best. Thank you for sharing…

  3. […] Take care of your skin and follow Daily Skin Care Routine. Wash your face at least twice a day and keep it clean. Use natural and Ayurvedic Skin Care products such as range of Roop Mantra which are free from chemicals and very effective for skin problems. […]

  4. nikhar aa sakta hai roop.mantra se please
    bataeye ?

    • Hello, thanks for your query. You can clean your face with Roop Mantra Cucumber Facewash which helps in removing darkspots, dirt and give you a fresh and clear skin.
      You can also use Roop Mantra face cream which cleanses the skin and helps in improving your face glow naturally.
      If any pathology issue, you can use Roop Mantra Capsule which purify your blood and remove your internal impurities to give you healthy skin.
      Have a nice day.

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