Causes Of Adult Acne And Blemishes, About How Breakout Occurred? Is It From Stress? Is It Because Of Pms? Is It Related To Diet? Is It Because Of Not Washing Your Face?   Why These Occasional Blemishes Or Acne Occurs? How Pimples Are Formed? Do You Touch Your Face A Lot? Have You Been Under Stress? Have You Washed Your Skin At Night? Have You Been Eating More Dairy Products These Days? What Are Cystic Breakouts? Have You Started Using Some New Skincare Products? Is Your Menstrual Cycle Near? Common Causes That Can Lead To Blemishes

Women face acne problem from their twenties due to hormonal fluctuations. It has been seen that 65% of women gets their acne in their forties. Pimples form the same way and it doesn’t matter how old you get.

Sometimes you may experience that after perfectly clear skin for weeks, one morning you get up with breakout or blemish. You will be in dilemma about how breakout occurred? Is it from stress? Is it because of PMS? Is it related to diet? or Is it because of not washing your face?

So let’s discuss what the some causes of Adult Acne and blemishes. Why these occasional blemishes or acne occurs?

First of all, how pimples are formed? The skin pores gets blocked which allows dirt to enter and bacteria build up. Other cause of breakouts can be hormonal fluctuations that come with age such as pregnancy, menopause, etc.

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself to get answer:

Do-you-touch-your-face-a-lot1- Do you touch your face a lot? If you are in habit of touching your face unnecessarily then stop doing. Touching your face all day can add bacteria to the skin which could cause acne or more problems. You can make your skin the dirtiest part by doing this.

Tip: – Make sure that you keep your hands occupied and avoid touching your skin. Get any gadget to play with so that you keep your hands busy.


Have-you-been-under-stress2- Have you been under stress? Stress generally affect overall skin condition and also affect acne flare-ups. If you are in stress you will definitely suffer from acne.

How stress cause acne? Stress make adrenal glands to overproduce cortisol, by which sebaceous glands over produce oil on skin. This is reason why there is increased acne during stressful period.

Tip: – To reduce stress, try to take at least 7 hours of sleep or you can do meditation.


Have-you-washed-your-skin-at-night3- Have you washed your skin at night? Oil on face can easily cause blemishes on skin as it is open for bacteria. Oil, dirt on the ski of all day can also trigger new blemishes.

Tip: – Take out sometime for night cleansing to get glowing skin in morning. You can also read 10 night time skincare tips to get flawless skin.


Have-you-been-eating-more-dairy-products-these-days4- Have you been eating more dairy products these days? Do you suffer from cystic breakouts? What are cystic breakouts? Cystic breakouts are hard, painful, underground acne or blemishes that do not go for weeks. It generally appear on jaws line, chin or neck area.

Cystic pimples indicate that you are taking more dairy products than your body can tolerate. If it is harder to digest dairy products for your body then it can come out in the form of cystic pimples.

Tip: – To detect this, cut dairy intake from your diet to at least 3 weeks. If you did not develop any new cysts then it means you should intake less amount of dairy product.


Have-you-started-using-some-new-skincare-products5- Have you started using some new skincare products? Sometime when you try new skincare product, it may cause initial blemish. If it continues for more than 2 weeks, then it may not be suitable for your skin.

Tip: – Always do patch test before using any new product directly to your face. If you are reacting to it, discontinue using it.


Is-your-menstrual-cycle-near6- Is your menstrual cycle near? At the start of menstrual cycle many women experience acne and blemishes. It can be frustrating but it is totally normal.

Tip: – You can use anti-bacterial skincare products during the time you know that you will get blemishes. You can also include Vitamin B6 to regulate hormonal imbalances.

These are some common causes that can lead to blemishes, pimples, cyst or adult acne. So, keep these tips in mind and take care of your skin well.

Causes of Adult Acne and Blemishes
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