Acne breakouts are like uninvited guest to our face. Sometimes these pimples pops out even when we are taking proper care of our skin. Worst part about acne is that when it’s gone, it will leave a dark spot on face which seems more frustrating to deal.🙂

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How to deal with acne? What is solution to get rid of acne?  I have tried lots of medication, skincare product, serums (both cheap as well as expensive) but some didn’t work and some results didn’t last long. I started taking some tips for skincare to control my acne and they worked very well for me. Today in this article we will discuss about how I take care of my acne prone skin.

Skincare for Acne

1. Cleansing oil from face

When I come back home after job my face is filled up with oil which is collection of dirt, dust, pollution, makeup and all the loaded bacteria’s. First thing when I approach is to get rid of oil by using mild face wash that doesn’t stretch my skin after washing. So I opted for Roop Mantra ayurvedic face wash as it is very gentle and contains natural herbs.

2. Toning up skin

After cleaning my face completely I usually tone up my face with Apple Cider Vinegar. Usually after washing face there is accumulation of oil back on face after some time. To avoid that situation, toning is important. The apple cider contains exfoliating acid to calm acne and balances the PH level of skin.

3. Morning cleansing is must

After good night, you will see oil accumulation on your face. It’s very important to clean that oil as they can be breeding ground for bacteria’s. I use raw honey on my face in morning. Take small amount of honey in your finger tips and then gently massage it on your face for one minute. Honey has anti bacterial properties that can stop growth of bacteria causing acne. Your face will become soft, clean and smooth.

4. Spot treatment

It’s also important to treat spots along with acne treatment. Make a face pack of honey, cinnamon and nutmeg and raw milk. Apply it on your acne spots and leave it till they dry completely. If you want to apply it on full face then keep it for ten minutes and then wash it with normal water. Try to do it thrice a week in morning. This mask is helping in fading my acne spots.

5. Maintaining proper circulation

It is very important to keep the blood circulation proper. I do aerobics, yoga and if I do not have much time I prefer having short walk in morning. This will keep you active and will also keep your blood circulation proper. Fresh air will let your skin breathe and prevent acne from causing.

Why to opt natural way for acne treatment?

These natural ways can help you out in treating acne and also preventing them from coming back. This will help to normalize the oil on skin, clearing spots and also exfoliation. Natural way is also safe and effective method for acne and you will get relieve from acne for long term.

Are you suffering from acne? Try these above method that I found useful. You will never regret. Happy reading! 😀

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Natural Skincare Tips for Acne
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