10 Night time Skincare Tips


While leading a busy life of work, family and friends, our skin gets exposed to dirt, pollution and harsh weather conditions. At the end of day, we just need a bed to get some rest.

Night time is the time for relaxing so that we could get up with restored energy and be ready for another busy day. After taking long sleep we feel refreshed. Isn’t it?

Do you know? Before going to bed a proper skincare routine should be maintained. During the day all the harmful exposure can cause premature aging and damage the skin. How to prevent skin damage? The best way to deal with it is to follow proper skincare routine) that protects, cares and nourishes your skin.

As our body restores its energy at night, our skin also works at night time. A proper skincare is very essential. Some people wash their face to clear dirt from the face. There might be some steps you might be missing. Here are 10 night skin care tips to pamper your skin at night.

Remove-makeupRemove makeup: – Never go to bed without washing your makeup. Use a cleansing towel which is powerful enough to remove your makeup or try to use good company cleansing milk to swipe away oil and makeup from your skin.


Cleansing-of-faceCleansing of face: – Face cleansing is the second step you should follow. After removing all your makeup properly, clean your face with face wash. Wash your face with a combination of warm water and a good cleanser such as Roop Mantra Face Wash.


ExfoliateExfoliate: – Exfoliation can work wonders on your skin but it should be done twice a week. Exfoliation removes all the dead cells from the skin and gives fresh and supple skin. Concentrate on the cheeks pores and the blackheads on nose. Avoid using exfoliates daily as it can harm your skin.


Apply-a-TonerApply a Toner: – Make use of toner that is specially made for your skin type. Do not use toner that contains alcohol or irritate your skin. Toners also help to remove any extra makeup which is still left on your face. Take toner on cotton ball and pat it gently on face and neck.


MoisturizeMoisturize: – After cleaning your face, moisturizing it is essential. When you wash your face, facial oils get washed away along with dirt or makeup. To nourish skin, moisturizer is essential. If your skin is oily choose water based moisturizer.


Eye-creamEye cream: – Eyes needs extra attention as there are no oil glands around eyes. Make use of eye cream to prevent puffiness, dark circles and moisturize the fragile skin around your eyes. Tap cream lightly when you are massaging cream under eyes.


Lip-CareLip Care: – If you don’t use lip balm regularly then you can face dry and cracked lips. To soothe your lips, wash them with warm water and make use of soft clothes to dry them. Add a light coat of lip balm to keep them nourished through the night.


Make-use-of-silkMake use of silk: – After a stressful day, we tend to toss and turn in our sleep. During this process, pillow tugs and pulls the skin. So make use of silk pillowcase as they will not do that. Silk pillow covers will let you rest well.


Sleep-on-backSleep on back: – If you sleep upside down, change your habit as it could increase the chances of wrinkles on your face. To prevent wrinkles, try to make habit of sleeping on your back.


Brush-your-hairBrush your hair: – Brush your hairs to avoid hair fall or terribly knotted hair the next day. Try to leave them open while sleeping. You can also add a night time leave in conditioner after brushing your hairs.


The most important thing for night time skin care routine is rest. Take at least 7 to 8 hours sleep. Avoid taking late night drinks or caffeine products just before sleeping. Take Good Sleep and follow these tips and wakeup with healthy, Glowing Skin.

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