Why people are shifting

From ages, India is known to be the land of Ayurveda. Recently it’s seen that people are dependent more on chemical laden cosmetic products. Usage of these products is very common in day-to-day life and is available in varieties in the market. Consumers often buy looking at the glittering packaging, marketing and advertising.

Harmful cosmetic products have put an adverse effect on skin. These skincare products make skin look beautiful and stylish but one should know about its dark side also.

Beauty products, regular use could result in many side effects. The biggest demerit of using chemical skincare products daily results in cancer.

Negative impact of cosmetic products on skin:-

11- Skin Infections: – Skin infection is one of the most common skin issue faced by people. Many suffer from allergies or irritation which is painful and very irritating. If you are suffering from any skin infection like red marks all over skin or face, it could be worse when you go outside or your body gets more exposed to sunlight, dust and pollution.

This skin infection could be due to hormonal disorders but mainly it occurs due to the application of chemically treated cosmetics which do not suits your skin and damage the cells of skin very badly.

22- Acne & pimples: – Some people have sensitive skin and their skin does not have enough capacity to retain the attack of chemicals on their skin. These people can easily notice the problem of Acne and pimples on their skin after use of cosmetic products.

One research depicts that 30% of patients that are suffering from acnes and pimples are affected due to heavy usage of chemically loaded skin products.

33- Damage to Internal Organs: – Many people believe that cosmetics and makeup applied on the upper layer of the skin and its side effect will be caused only to the top layer of the skin. The uncountable skin pores which excrete waste from body also get affected. The chemicals present in the cosmetics seeps into bloodstreams and can damage internal organs.

44- Early Ageing: – If these chemical products are being used in excess then it could also result in appearing fine lines and wrinkles and can appear at very young age.


55- Skin cancer: – The chemicals in cosmetic products can cause severe skin disease such as cancer. Mercury and parabens are added to the beauty products as preservatives but these triggers the growth in cancer cells in the body.

How to avoid these harmful effects on skin?

These skin problems can be avoided by switching your harmful cosmetic products to Ayurvedic beauty products. Natural products consist of natural herbs and oils which are generally healthier for the skin.

Benefits of Natural beauty productsBenefits of Natural beauty products

1- No skin irritation: – Natural beauty products are very gentle on your skin and one can feel from the moment you apply it on your skin. Natural skin care and beauty products work on the skin not against it.

2- No toxic smells: – Natural skincare products contain no artificial fragrances as synthetic products contain which cause migraines, sinus and allergic issues.

3- No internal issue: – Ayurvedic skincare products contains natural ingredients only which and therefore no internal issue from their use.

4- Earth-friendly: – Mainstream products include lots of toxins and chemicals which could harm the environment. Natural beauty products are eco friendly as no chemicals are infused in it.

As you are aware of all the benefits of natural skincare offers, you should avoid use of chemical loaded skincare products and opt for Ayurvedic skincare products like Roop Mantra fruit face wash for glowing skin as these consist of natural herbs that do not harm your skin. Do not get fooled with advertisement as these products can harm your skin more than helping it.

Why people are shifting from chemical-cosmetics to Ayurvedic products ?
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