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Feel the Touch of Real Fruits

Every day our skin loses its natural glow and softness due to increasing pollution and other environmental factors. It is important to properly clean our face to remove skin dirt. Do you like to start your every morning with the natural touch of real fruits? To get a refreshed, properly cleaned up, soft and glowing skin, a face wash that consists of the goodness of Mix Fruit is of very necessary. Fruits like Apple, Carrot, and Almond, Grape are known for their excellent cleansing effect along with some additional effect which are beneficial for skin. You can maintain your skin’s cleanliness with the goodness of natural ingredients only and protect your skin from the harsh effect of chemicals.


Roop Mantra Mix Fruit Face Wash is a blend of natural fruit extract which gives the real feel of refreshment due to its deep cleansing property. This natural product is enriched with the goodness of mix fruit like Apple, Grape seed, Carrot, Aloe Vera and Almond, providing a complete nourishment to skin. This face wash instantly gives radiant skin, preventing blemishes and pimples and also eliminating skin dirt. Roop Mantra Mix Fruit face wash is not only cleanse your face but also provides some additional antioxidant effect, sun block effect.

Why it is effective?

Roop Mantra Mix Fruit Face Wash is specially formulated for all types of skin. Enriched with natural fruit extracts. Completely removes skin dirt without causing any harm to your most precious asset i.e. Skin. Cleans dirt and clogged pores. Removes blackheads and helps in getting radiant and refreshing skin. This natural product is ideal for regular use.


  • Removes facial skin dirt.

  • Prevents blemishes and pimples.

  • Provides deep cleaning and retains skin glow.

  • Hydrates skin.
  • Provides smoother skin.

  • Fights against acne.

  • Useful for all types of skin.

  • Reduces wrinkles.

Principal Ingredients:

Grape seed extract:

Grape seed extract

An excellent ingredient that makes skin smoother and removes dead cells from skin. Being an antioxidant agent reduces the appearance of wrinkles and fights against other signs of aging, also provides sunburn protection.

Apple extract

Apple extract

Apple is known for its antioxidant and astringent activity which also hydrates and cleanse skin deeply. The goodness of apple on the skin is countless. Its effective cleansing property makes skin spotless, young and reduces skin dullness.

Carrot extract

Carrot extract

Carrots have numerous medicinal value on the skin including moisturizing effect, reduces fine lines, blemishes or scars. It is suitable for both dry and oily skin.

 Almond extract

Almond extract

If you are looking for a radiant, flawless skin, use of almond is the best choice. It easily penetrates into the skin, providing softness to skin and also removes dirt and debris accumulated in skin pores. It prevents blackheads, acne and also useful for sensitive skin. It gives younger looking skin after every wash.

  Aloe Vera extract

Aloe Vera extract

In Ayurveda, Aloe Vera is found to have an immense beneficial effect on health and skin. This quality enhancer of skin gives complete nourishment to the skin by increasing skin glow, preventing early signs of aging, making skin smoother and softer. It also moisturizes skin, fights against acne and helps in clearing blemishes. Besides, it gives better protection from sunburn with an excellent soothing effect.


How to Use:

  • Take small quantity of this face wash in your palm.

  • Mix it with little water.

  • Massage gently over face and neck in circular motion.

  • Rinse your face thoroughly with water.

Pack Size & Price:

Net Qty. 50ml at Rs 48 | Net Qty: 115ml at Rs.83

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