Healthy and clean skin always draws attention. If you are working woman it is impossible to take proper care of skin. If some function is arriving we rush for Various Skin Treatments and products to get instant glow on your face. Do you think it is right? No, absolutely no. Stop torturing your skin with Synthetic Skincare and makeup products which contains harsh chemicals.

You can too flaunt your healthy and Glowing Skin by switching to Ayurveda. Yes it is best solution for long lasting natural glow. Today we will discuss most effective Ayurvedic tips for Beautiful, Flawless Skin.

Here are top Ayurvedic tips to restore the natural health of your skin and to get blessed with Beautiful Skin.

Know-your-skin-type1- Know your Skin type :- First of all, it is necessary to know about What is your Skin Type? According to Ayurveda, there are 3 skin types that is Vata Skin, Pitta Skin and Kapha Skin.

Each of skin type has different features and characteristics and they should be taken care of in different ways. So before starting any Beauty Regime, Identify your Skin Type.  You can also find Skincare Products accordingly.

Customize-your-skincare-regime2- Customize your skincare regime: – After knowing well about your skin type second thing you should do is to include Healthy Diet Plan and Good Skincare Routine. Let’s take an example, people with Vata skin type should keep their skin hydrated and moisturized and should consume nutritious foods and water, etc.

Pitta skin should take care of their sensitive skin and avoid spicy foods. People who posses Kapha skin should clean their skin properly and regularly. They should also stay away from heavy foods.

Keep-your-skin-hydrated3- Keep your Skin Hydrated: – It is very important to keep your skin cells hydrated all day. Drink lots of water and massage your entire body with massage oil. Try to make use of Herbal Oils as they work best for skin cells. This will help skin to moisturize well and keep it soft and supple. This will also make your skin look bright and also youthful.

Consume-healthy-diet4- Consume Healthy Diet: – Ayurveda says that feeding your skin is very important skin to keep it nourished and glowing. Avoid the consumption of canned and processed foods and indulge in healthy and fresh food items. Whatever we eat, our skin reflects it. Consuming Healthy Diet will help to regenerate skin cells, Fight Skin Problems, make digestion process easier and will give smooth skin.

Opt-for-natural-products5- Opt for Natural Products : – Treat your skin with Ayurvedic products to enhance the Natural Glow of Skin. Use herbal ingredients to keep your entire body clean, nourished and toxin free. Ayurvedic products are free from harmful ingredients and provide with good results. These products are safe to use and does not cause any side effect. You can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic products .

Get-enough-sleep6- Get Enough Sleep: – Beauty Sleep is very important to improve tone and texture of skin. Sleep is beauty booster. Try to go to sleep prior to 10 pm it will help to sleep much faster. So switch off your gadgets and take sleep.


Do-exercise7- Do Exercise: – Regular physical exercise gives healthy and Glowing Skin. According to Ayurveda, exercise puts deep impact on our skin as it boosts Blood Circulation, improves flexibility, helps to detoxify, cures severe diseases and also elevates mood. So follow workout routine and get dazzling skin.

Remove-stress-through-meditation8- Remove stress through meditation: – In today highly competitive world, we suffer stress which affects our skin. It can dull, dark and aged before actual time. Meditation is very effective way to get rid of anxiety, stress and tension. So keep meditating everyday for beautiful and Healthy Skin.

So try these Ayurvedic Skincare Tips and get healthy, Glowing Skin. I hope you all will find this article useful. Please leave your comment below.

Ayurvedic tips for Skincare
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  1. I love to go natural way for my skin as well as for health. Thanks for sharing these useful Ayurvedic tips.

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  4. Such a superb article. You provide helpful Ayurvedic tips for Skincare. Most of people suffering skin problem. So its for very useful for hose people. Thanks for sharing.

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