roop-mantra-blog2-icon1Wash your face twice a day: Make a regular routine of washing your face twice a day- once in the morning and next in the evening before going to bed. It removes excess oil & dirt from skin and retains moisture. If you are wearing makeup, don’t forget to remove it. Don’t overlook to clean skin of your neck. Prefer Ayurvedic Face wash as it does not contain chemical and is safe for skin. Roop mantra Face wash is a blend of skin friendly herbs like cucumber, Haridra, Neem, Kustha, Ghritkumari, menthol etc. It helps to purify skin, control acne, pimples and stop them from coming back.

roop-mantra-blog2-icon2Use Lukewarm water for bathing: Hot water is not recommended for healthy skin. It removes natural oil from skin and makes skin patchy and dry. In case of dry skin prefer moisturizing body wash & lotion with coconut oil, almond oil etc.


roop-mantra-blog2-icon3Moisturize your skin: Use moisturizer, lotions or creams on skin. Keep changing the lotion as per season. In case of oily skin prefer gel based moisturizer.


roop-mantra-blog2-icon4Always pat skin gently with soft towel: This rule is applicable to skin on the entire body. Don’t rub the skin with towel. Prefer soft towel. Leaving your skin slightly wet is also good as it help skin to rehydrate itself and absorb excess moisture.

roop-mantra-blog2-icon5Exfoliate at least once a week: For skin to look healthy it is essential to remove dead skin cells. This makes skin look smooth & silky. Always use a gentle exfoliator on your face as skin on face is much delicate than on arms and legs. In case of sensitive skin avoid scrubs with walnut shells. Always be gentle about exfoliation and keep in mind to moisturize after that.


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5 Tips to take care of your Skin
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