No adverse effects of Roop Mantra Products have been seen or reported. Being a 100% ayurvedic treatment products, it has no side effects.


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Will Roop Mantra Products have any Harmful Effect on my Skin?
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  1. Hi! my skin is too much oilly, I used a lots of brand for this but still probs are same. I am aged abt 29, lots of pimples and black spot on my face. now I thinking to use full package of rup mantra. before use this i want to consult with any person of you who can actually help my skin. I am waiting to know. pls

    • Thanks Sailen Karmakar for your question regarding Roop Mantra, Please call us at our 24X7 Helpline Number: 0171-3055111 for complete details about Roop Mantra 3 Products Complete Ayurvedic Treatment.

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