The trend of ‘Skin Whitening’ became the craze among people from 80’s. Currently, this growing trend has given rise in markets especially in Asia and most part of Africa. Mostly youngsters are experimenting with the fairness products in order to obtain a more even Skin tone and to lighten any sun damaged or any age spots.

In most cases, it has been seen that the Skin Whitening Products are applied by youngsters without any expert advice which leads to unwanted results. The usage of Fairness Creams can cause lots of serious problems if it not used under proper supervision.

Some damaging effects of Skin Whitening

Most creams consist of harmful compounds like Steroids, Hydroquinone and Tretinoin in them and long term usage of these creams leads to various health concerns. These skin problems includes:-

Some-damaging-effects-of-Skin-Whitening1- Skin Cancer – Skin whitening creams which are sold in market contains chemicals such as Hydroquinone or Mercury which are a dangerous cocktail of compounds like steroids and tretinoin. If these compounds are in use form long duration then it could lead to liver damage and also skin cancer.

2- Hyper Pigmentation – Use of hydroquinone in creams higher than 2% and usage of this cream for more than 3 months will lead to skin darkening which could be permanent and also cause hyper pigmentation. Skin whitening products can make skin look darker and mismatched.

3- Bleach Panda Effect – This is another negative effect of using skin whitening product as the skin around the eyes become thinner and Pigmentation.

4- Skin Healing Properties – Normal skin have ability to heal itself and can also regenerate skin cells. When skin is treated with continuous use of chemicals in fairness creams then it loses its healing abilities.

5- Skin Irritations – The use of Skin Whitening Products cause the production of dark pigments and also cause skin irritations like peeling of Skin, Redness, Rashes, Burning and also Skin Dryness.

Other effects that can be caused by the continuous usage of skin whitening cream are Kidney Damage, Skin Discoloration, Scarring, Skin Rashes etc.

Natural way to get fairer skin tone


People can improve the Skin Complexion by the natural way that is Ayurveda. It is important to maintain the integrity and health of the skin through Natural Therapies that are effective and safe. Ayurveda is an ancient ritual used for skin whitening since ages and these days number of people have switched to Ayurvedic Products instead of using harmful chemical products

According to Ayurveda, Skin, Blood and Pitta are inter-related. Pitta controls skin quality and its complexion. Many skin problems are the result of blood vitiation this is the reason behind Complexion Enhancers are directly linked with the effects of Blood Purification.

So to get fairer skin people should make use of Ayurvedic Products such as Ayurvedic Roop Mantra Capsules which helps in rejuvenation of the skin, improves blood circulation and gives Radiant Skin. Ayurvedic treatment is totally natural and with no adverse effects on skin. It provides us with long lasting results. Say good bye to your harmful Best Skin Whitening Cream and opt for safer option to maintain Healthy Skin.

Understand Harmful Skin Whitening Products Before you Regret? If you have any other information, Please add in Comments.

Understand Harmful Skin Whitening Products Before you Regret
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