Skin problems are something that nobody wants. Everyone desires a healthy and Glowing Skin as Flawless Skin boosts up confidence level. Whenever we hear someone speaking about vibrant or beautiful skin, most of us do not think about Blood Circulation.

Isn’t it correct? In Actual, Why would we care about circulation? I mean to say that, if we have any spots or pimples on face, you will apply concealer, foundation or any cream and cover it up, right?

Are you in confusion? Let me ask you some question: Have you seen face of person after some hard drinks? You might have noticed a blushing appearance. Have you noticed skin of anemic person? It might be pale or dull. All these changes in skin is connected to blood circulation.

So, here we will discuss about how the blood circulation affects your skin health? Well, first when it comes to skin health, a good circulation is must.

Why blood circulation is important for skin? Blood ensures that the essential nutrients should be transported to all parts of the body so that they could repair the cells or allow the body to function properly. Ultimately, the poor blood circulation could be due to various issues like poor diet, smoking and this will definitely leads to poor condition of skin.

Which-skin-problems-are-caused-by-poor-blood-circulationsWhich skin problems are caused by poor blood circulations?

  1. Skin Discoloration:- Poor blood circulation can sometimes cause skin pigmentation, dark spots or change in skin coloration as sometimes there is lack of oxygen in the blood.
  2. Acne prone skin:- Some major organs gets affected by poor blood circulation, these organs become stressed and is unable to eliminate toxins properly.

This can put more pressure on lymphatic system and lymph nodes build up toxins which are excreted through skin, causing acne or dry, itchy skin.

  1. Scars: – It can be seen that people with poor blood circulation will take longer time to heal the acne scars because transport of good nutrients is not efficient to the skin cells.
  2. Wrinkles: – As you know that, transport of good nutrient to skin cells is less efficient so this can adversely affect collagen production which can cause wrinkles formation.
  3. Dark eye circles: – Sometimes dark eye circle is result of poor blood circulation as area around our eyes is quite thin which results in less oxygenated blood. This results in dark eye circle.

How to improve blood circulation?

How-to-improve-blood-circulationHere are some ways which could help to improve the blood circulation level.

  1. Dry brushing: – It is the best way to improve the blood circulation. Dry brushing enhances the cell renewal rate and skin stays younger. Ten minutes of dry brushing daily before shower can improve the blood circulation.
  2. Exercise to improve blood circulation:- Exercise is very essential for healthy body and mind. It also affects overall health of body. Exercise improves the oxygen carrying capacity and nourishes the body cells. Daily exercise can improve the circulation of blood in legs, neck, scalp, hands, face and brain.
  3. Yoga to improve blood circulation: – Yoga is another great way to improve blood circulation. Yoga improvises body metabolism and also the blood circulation in brain, hands, legs, face and brain. One can achieve healthy body and beautiful skin through yoga.
  4. Good diet: – Good diet improves the blood circulation and also adds some vital nutrients to the body. You can include these foods to your diet:-
  • Walnuts
  • Garlic
  • Watermelon
  • Green tea
  • Ginger
  • Dark Chocolate
  1. Massage for better circulation: – This is another method to improve blood circulation. Body or facial massage improves the blood circulation and give glowing skin, increased blood flow and enhance the oxygen carrying capacity.

So, try these ways to improve your blood circulation and lead a happy, healthy life. I hope you like this article; please leave your comment or suggestions below. Have a nice day!

Poor blood circulation and skin problems
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