After the day full of hustle life, taking off the face makeup is the last task of the day for most of the women. But due to their tight schedule most of the women wash their face with soap or other products which cause dryness and irritation. Moreover, if you are not removing make-up with a proper cleansing routine then it may cause the puffiness and breakouts around the eye and sometime it also produces a fine line over the face. Therefore, it becomes important to select the proper cleansing routine to take off the make-up and mascara before going to bed. There are number of waterproof beauty products are available in marketplace which you are using on a daily basis and it becomes difficult some times to remove these products from skin with water in night. Follow these steps to remove the make-up from face in night:

  1. Remove eye make-up with cotton pad: If you have applied a waterproof mascara or liner or stubborn eye make-up then use oil base cleanser. As it will easily dissolve in the waterproof mascara and after this gently cleanse with cotton pad.
  2. Baby wipes: Most of the people suggest that baby wipes can cause skin dry and irritating but I found that if it is suitable for kids then how it can harm skin. This will make baby wipes an ultra-hydrating alternative. Remove the foundation and blush from skin with gently scrubbing by baby wipes.
  3. Remove lip colour: Apply a coconut oil, petroleum jelly and olive oil by using a finger on the lips. After 1-2 minutes wipe the lips by using cotton wipe gently.
  4. Cleanse: After this cleanse your face by using Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash in India Take a splash of water on your face using your hands, or moisten a towel and use that to wet your skin. Apply a dime-sized amount of Roop Mantra face wash in a circular motion, making sure each spot gets covered with a tiny amount of Roop Mantra face-wash. After this, rinse warm water to rinse your face, making sure to wash away all traces of your cleanser and scrub. Use a towel to pat your face dry.After this apply Roop Mantra cream to moisturize your skin.

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face wash

How to Remove Make up in Summer Time?
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