Summers make our skin dull and lifeless. It brings lots of damaging factors with it and one of them is dry and dehydrated skin. You might have noticed that skin looks plumper when it is kept hydrated. Skin looks, feel and becomes more elegant when hydrated.

Summer is that time of year when we need to keep skin care so that we can maintain fresh and glowing skin. But, do you know about the factors that are affecting you skin? Here are some of them.

Factor that affect Skin Hydration


Factor-that-affect-Skin-HydrationThere are various factors that are responsible for skin dehydration. These factors can be internal and can also be external such as:-

  • Humidity
  • High temperature
  • UV radiations
  • Hot showers
  • Skin Ageing
  • Smoking or drinking alcohol
  • Dryness caused by Air Conditioners
  • Strong ingredients in skin products
  • Decline in hormones such as oestrogen , testosterone and progesterone

These are some factors that affect the skin. So how to maintain skin hydrated. There are some important tips that will help to keep skin hydrated. So, check out some of them below. 🙂

Tips to keep your skin hydrated:-

1. Cleansing

CleansingLet’s start the routine with cleansing. Cleaning is very important for skin. It helps to remove dirt and excess oil from skin. It will be best to clean your face first with cleansing milk and then go for some herbal face wash which is mild for your skin. You can use “Roop Mantra ayurvedic face wash” as it clears impurities and maintains PH level of the skin.

2. Exfoliation

ExfoliationExfoliation of skin is very important step for skin hydration.  It should be done twice a week, not more than that. Exfoliation removes dead skin cells from skin and also keeps blood circulation of skin proper. This will help to keep skin clean and smooth. After exfoliating skin, your skin will feel some dryness so it’s necessary to bring back the moisture.

3. Moisturize

MoisturizeMoisturizing is very important after skin exfoliation. One should moisturize skin well daily. Make use of right kind of moisturizer in day and at night to keep skin hydrated. Skin moisturizing plays major role in skin rejuvenation. It also helps in tissue repair and also in keeping skin soft and supple. Try to use water based product as they will boosts hydration.

4. Drink plenty of water

Drink-plenty-of-waterThis is one of the best ways to keep skin hydrated. Water is necessary to consume all year around but in summers it’s very necessary as we lose water fluid through sweat. If you find difficult to drink plain water then you can squeeze one or two lemons in it. You can also consume detox water.

5. Well-balanced Diet

Well-balanced-DietHealthy skin needs a balanced diet so that it provides body with proper nutrients. Try to consume foods such as fresh fruits or green leafy vegetable. It is best to eat foods which are high in vitamins, minerals, fibers and also antioxidants. Also consume foods which are high in water content such as watermelon, oranges, etc.

6. Avoid excess sodium intake

Avoid-excess-sodium-intakeFoods which are very high in sodium will make your skin dehydrate and will also draw out water out of your body. Limit the intake of sodium in your junk foods and processed foods such as canned foods, pizzas or any frozen food.


Do you suffer from dry and dehydrated skin in summer? Implement these tips in your daily routine and get fresh and glowing skin. Hope you all like this article. Please comment below about how you keep your skin hydrated?

How to Hydrate your Skin?
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