Skincare is very essential to maintain healthy skin. Every individual have priority in their skin concerns. Each of us develop plan to take good care of its skin still sometime breakouts or blemishes occurs. What are the reasons behind these skin problems? Have you ever thought?

Generally, it can be some skincare mistakes that you might be ignoring. What are those skincare mistakes? Are you wondering? Do not worry; today in this article we will discuss some of the most common skincare mistakes that I hear people making.

Mistake 1:- Not applying sunscreen daily

Not-applying-sunscreen-dailyThis is the most common reason behind skin problems. Many times you feel like, there is no need to apply sunscreen while driving car, sitting at home, walking outside in cloudy winter day. Do you know? If you want to prevent premature aging and stay away from that wrinkles, wear your sunscreen 365 days.

You should wear it whether you are indoor or outdoor, in rain or in shine. It is necessary so choose one according to your skin and choice and apply it every single day.

Mistake 2:- Using exfoliates on skin too often

Using-exfoliates-on-skin-too-oftenThese days to look younger and get smoother skin, people use too many exfoliating treatments. These treatments are generally injures the skin. A lot of exfoliation on skin bans moisture and can result in flaking, dehydration or inflammation.

There can be destruction of healthy cells and can lead to increase in melanin production which leads to hyper pigmentation. So avoid using these exfoliate more than twice in a week.

Mistake 3:- Are you skipping toners in your skin routine

Are-you-skipping-toners-in-your-skin-routineToners should be used daily and is important part of skin care regime. Make sure that your toner should not be loaded with alcohol as it can dehydrate skin and can cause dullness.

After cleaning face well use alcohol free toner. What are the benefits of skin toner?  Skin toners are humectants, which mean that they help to bind moisture to the skin. It balances the skins PH level and shrink the size of skin pores. This will prevent skin from impurities.

Mistake 4:- Using skincare product incorrectly

Using-skincare-product-incorrectlyMany times, it happens that instructions written on product are not read and not even followed. It has been seen that many skin issues are by non-favorable reactions caused by skincare products.

For example: – If someone is getting good result by some cream; they start using it more often so that it work better and quickly. This can cause skin allergies, breakouts or any other problems.

For more details:- You can read my article, if you do not know how and when to use daily skincare products: Click Here 

Mistake 5:- Not using right skin care routine

Not-using-right-skin-care-routineThis is the common mistake made by women in 30s who are still getting breakouts or clogged pores. If proper skincare routine is not followed in this age then you could notice fine lines or wrinkles.

So start taking right skincare regime to your skin. Use anti-aging product but makes sure that if any product makes skin greasy, stops using it. Oil on skin breeds bacteria and that bacteria leads to breakouts. I would say that do clean, toner and moisturize your skin well on daily basis.

Avoid making these skincare mistakes and get young looking, healthy and glowing skin. Follow these skincare tips and include them in your daily schedule, these will surely help you out to take care of your individual skin type in correct way. Happy Reading!

Five skincare mistakes that everyone makes
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