Black heads are the common features of Acne which occurred when our skin pores become clogged due to production of excess sebum or dead skin cells. Sebum is oil which is produced by sebaceous gland and helps to keep skin supple. First these black heads are observed as white heads which in the contact of oxygen gets oxidized and become black. Common causes of black heads are hormonal changes, unclean skin, inheritance, alcohol, smoking and cosmetics. You can use following products to relieve from black heads in Ayurvedic way.

Roop Mantra cream: Roop mantra cream is natural face care cream which delivers broad spectrum benefits in keeping skin rejuvenating and youthful. Roop mantra cream contains Aloe vera as one of the chief constituent which helps remove excess sebum from skin cells. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness cream contains the balanced amount of herbs like Aloe Vera, Ocimum sanctum, curcuma longa and many more. These herbs help to relieve from black heads and nourish the skin from deep inside.

Roop Mantra Face wash: Roop mantra face wash effectively benefits in cleaning off oil & debris, removing sebum, dead cells and other environmental pollutants. It helps to detoxify the skin naturally and helps to make skin smooth and   the production of sebum to make skin supple. Presence of cucumber makes it differ from other available products. Cucumber’s cooling effect; antioxidant and restorative properties naturally lighten the skin.

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic capsules: Roop mantra Ayurvedic capsules helps to relieve from black heads and prevent them from reoccurring. Herbs present in Roop Mantra fairness capsules helps to regulate the production of sebum to make skin supple and beautiful.

Roop Mantra Skin Care Range

Ayurvedic Way to Banish Black Heads – Roop Mantra
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