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The way you clean your face is actually the most important step to maintain the health of the skin. A proper clean up helps to remove all the facial dirt and germs. This, in turn, gives you a clear and glowing skin.

For us cleaning of the face is just a two-step procedure, splash on some water and work in some product. But this is not enough, your delicate skin needs much more care and attention than this.

Often our common mistakes which we are unaware of create problems for us. The improper cleansing can be a cause to the dry, irritated, oily skin or even breakouts like acne, blemishes etc.

In today’s article, I’m sharing some common mistakes which you’re probably making and simple ways to make your skin better. So, read below to see if you’re guilty of any of these face-washing no-no’s!

Let’s start!


Scrubbing Your Face Too Hard :

Yes, facial scrubs are important to get rid of blemishes and spots. But scrubbing your face in a harsh manner is not going to do any good for your skin.


In fact, it will end up causing further damage like wrinkles, micro-tears, and broken capillaries.

One wash is enough :

You put multiple things on your skin- serums, sunscreen, and hydrators- all these build up over time. Add to that the makeup you wear and pollution from the surrounding air. Then you’ll realize that one wash is just scratching of the surface. Before going to bed at night, once you’ve rinsed off the cleanser, wash for a second time. This is because the extra lather will work down deep to reach the tiny pores and cleaning them.

Switching the Temperature of Water :

Hot water doesn’t open the pores and cold water won’t close them either. All these are the “Myths” created by the people. In actual, shifting from hot to cold will just put your skin in shock.


Thus, turn that tap around mid-way and use lukewarm water.

Using a Soap-Based Product :

Many skin experts say that soap-based products remove the natural oils of the skin and make it dry and irritated. That is why they suggest using a non-soap cleanser to wash your face.


It is because non-soap cleansers help to hydrate and replenish the skin barriers. For this, you can use Roop Mantra Cucumber face wash, it is an herbal and soap-free formulation. This Ayurvedic face wash gives multiple benefits to the skin without causing any harm.

Incorrect Application of Cleanser :

Cleansing is not the matter of slapping some water onto your face and adding a dollop of wash. While using a cleansing lotion, make sure to put it completely on the skin and rub for few seconds. This helps the oil of the cleaning agent to break down the oils on your skin and give a healthy glow. You can wet your fingertips to emulsify the product in a slight manner.

Face Wipes :

It is the time to have a breakup with the face wipes. They might be an easy option but not a good option for your skin. After a long tiring day, these face wipes seem an easy way to clean your face.


But in reality, wipes spread oil, makeup, and dirt around your face and into your skin pores. You can use them in a pinch or a wipe down after the gym, but not as your go-to-go for cleansing.

Rubbing Your Face :

It’s better to pat dry your face in a gentle and soft manner rather than rubbing it. The towel you use may feel fluffy but in actual it can irritate your skin. Therefore, try to resist the urge to rub dry your face.

Washing Your Face with Dirty Hands :

Before washing your face, it’s important to wash your hands. Else, you’ll spread dirt and bacteria which can even make you fall sick. The same goes for your facial brush, after using it, clean it and replace the heads of it when they wear down.


So, these little mistakes can cause great problems for your skin. Be more sensitive towards your skin and avoid doing the above-discussed practices.

First, know your skin type and then choose the skin care products accordingly. Don’t just go and randomly pick any product. It’s better to go for the ones which are natural and free from chemicals. For complete nourishment of your skin, you can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream For Glowing Skin. This herbal cream helps to prevent skin breakouts and keep it radiant and glowing. This Cream also used as an Ayurvedic Fairness Cream For Dry Skin.


Your Skin is your best accessory, Take a good care of it!

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Thank You.

Common Face Cleansing Mistakes You Must Avoid Making
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  1. Hi, I went through the blog and I enjoyed reading it. Natural skin care product are good for the skin and I suggest my friends and other members to use such type of products rather than damaging skin by using chemical products and I follow the regime all the time. I too always prefer Ayurvedic products for skin, hair etc. Have you ever heard about Soultree India which gives ayurvedic organic skin and beauty care product. The ingredients which they use to make 100% ayurvedic beauty prouduct is from mother nature. All products use authentic Ayurvedic recipes and honestly-sourced natural, organic ingredients that do no harm, only good.

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