Skin is a first line of defense which protects inner body from various pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, virus, toxins and pathogen. One of the main functions of skin is to maintain thermoregulation between body and external environment. In spring, temperature start rising gradually and weather remain unpredictable which can […]


We can’t stop our aging process as it is a natural phenomenon but we can stop the premature sign of aging. To slow down signs of premature aging, you need to look for traditionally proven ingredients which does not only provide you a skin free from signs of aging but […]


Detoxification is one of the necessary practices to get a charming, naturally glowing skin. Skin is largest organ of our body and work as a protective barrier or protects the inner tissues and body from external factors such as environmental pollution, climatic changes, dirt and weather. But regular expose of […]


Healthy skin has a perfect oil and water balance, which allows tissue cells to do their job naturally. When we talk about skin type, it seems to be an easy question but are you aware of your skin type? If someone asks, you which skin type you have? Your answer […]


Dehydration is one of the common problems which affect skin cells. Dehydration is the loss of water from the body. People some time get confused with dryness and dehydration. Dryness is referred as the lack of oil on skin or de-hydration is lack of moisture on the skin. If you […]