As this is the season of summer and skin require some extra attention and effort. But now it becomes easy to care and protect skin with natural products. Roop mantra Ayurvedic herbal face wash is enriched with cucumber extracts that helps to remove dirt and grime from the skin. Mostly boys didn’t pay proper attention to their skin and easily get breakouts, clogged pores, flaking and premature signs of aging. To protect skin from harsh UV rays, dirt or grime, use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic herbal face wash.

In summer season, our skin frequently comes in the contact of direct exposure of sun which cause production of free radicals over the skin surface. To reduce the production of the free radicals over the skin you need an ingredient which contains the same share of hydrogen as a skin. Cucumber is one of the best ingredients that help to protect skin from free radicals and have same share of hydrogen as a skin. Cucumber helps to neutralize the skin and also help to cleanse skin from deep inside. Roop mantra herbal face wash is the unique blend of ingredients that are used to decrease the microbial infection and cleanse the pores from deep inside. Roop Mantra herbal face wash form a lather when applied on the face with water and remove the layer of grime and dirt from the face. Roop Mantra face wash also help to prevent the formation of black heads and clogged pores over the skin. For optimal results, use Roop mantra cream along with Roop mantra herbal face wash for at-least 21 days.



It comes in a cute greenish colored plastic bottle. You can easily control the amount of face wash to propel outside.

How to use:

Roop mantra face wash should be applied two times a day or after coming from outdoor activities. Take two actuations/pumps from the Roop Mantra face wash and gently massage the foam all over the wet face avoiding eyes and surrounding areas. Allow it to remain for 20 to 30 seconds. Rinse thoroughly and pat dry with towel.

Why I Need Herbal Face Wash in Summer?
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