The winter season is hard on your skin – cold weather, dry winds and sunlight all add up to one tough season. It takes a toll on the health of the skin making it look lifeless and dry. Your normal skin care regime is not quite enough. Give a boost to your routine by following these simple skin care tips for the winter season.

How does winter affect Your Skin?

When the level of temperature falls down, the skin gets drier. The difference in temperature between the cold outdoors and the dry, warm indoors causes problems too. It leads to the evaporation of the skin’s natural moisture, which further causes patches of dry and oily skin.


Skin reacts in a different manner in winter for different individuals. But in general, most of the people experience their skin becoming extra sensitive, drying and peeling off.

Without proper care dry skin can cause cracking and the harsh winds make the problem worse. Hence, it becomes important to know how to take care of your skin in winter.

Tips to Take Care of Skin in winter :

To reduce the winter-related skin problems like chapping, redness and itching, you must try the below-given tips. It will help to keep your skin healthy and comfortable this season.

Change the Cleansing Technique :

A good cleansing is an important part of your skin care routine regardless of the season. In winter, your skin may become extremely dry and damaged. Hence, it’s better to replace your usual cleansing product with a “non-comedogenic” – one which doesn’t block the pores and cleans away dirt and makeup in an efficient manner. This will help to keep your skin smooth and soft. The other option is that you can use aloe vera facial wipes for cleaning your face. The richness of aloe vera helps to keep your skin moist, clean and prevent dryness in winter.

Moisturize the Skin Well :

Light moisturizers may work for you during the summer and springtime. But when the weather changes, you must make some changes to your skincare routine. Ideally, an oil-based ayurvedic cold cream is best to use in winter. It is because the oil content will help to form a protective layer on your skin. This further helps to lock in the moisture and prevent dryness in winter.

Stay Hydrated :

We often tend to drink less water in the winter as we turn to hot drinks like tea and coffee. But don’t forget that your skin needs hydration from the inside and out.


If your body is not hydrated, it can affect your skin by making it dry and rough. Try drinking a little warm water with lemon every morning. It can be refreshing and hydrating at the same time.

Get Rid of Dry Skin in winter :

In case your facial skin is very dry and dehydrated you must avoid using soap. Instead, opt for face washes with hydrating agents like you can use ayurvedic Aloe vera face wash. The rich water content of aloe vera and excellent properties help to keep your skin soft and supple. It cures the dehydrated skin and helps to lock in the moisture. But also it provides deep cleansing and helps to control pimples.

Use a Sunscreen :

In winter people like to enjoy the warmth of the sun. But little do they know that exposure to sun rays can speed up aging. Therefore, one must use a sunscreen 15 minutes before going out in the sun.


This helps your skin to absorb the sunscreen well. If you stay out in the sun for more than about 30 minutes then reapply the sunscreen. It is one of the ways to keep your skin protected in winter.

Pamper Your Hands :

We do most of our work with our hands and tend to wash them multiple times a day. Due to this, our hands lose moisture and become dry and rough. Apply your regular moisturizing cream to keep your hands soft and moisturized in cold and dry weather.


Summary: – Winter is the worst season for the skin as it makes your skin dry and flaky. So, keep the above-shared points in your mind to keep your skin healthy. Moreover, you can use Roop Mantra ayurvedic cold cream to take care of your skin in the winter season.

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What are the Essential Skin Care Tips for Winter Season?
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