India is the country with people of different diversity which are living at different places like deserts, hill stations, beaches, etc.  Here women mostly focus on their hairs, body structure and their skin complexion. Every second girl desires to attain even tone and beautiful skin.

You might have heard that the princess thousands of years ago use to have flawless skin and long hairs. What is the secret behind beauty?   The answer is “Ayurveda”. It is said that in ancient times Ayurveda was implemented in their day to day life. It’s natural solution to everything whether it was skin or hairs. So today let’s discover in this article what is ancient secret for skin? and how to achieve natural glam. Get ready to be like princess. 🙂

How to achieve beautiful skin?

Here are some tips which will help to gain beautiful skin:-

natural-ingredientsUse of natural ingredients as face mask can help it to achieve beautiful and healthy skin. Ayurveda suggests that apply on your face anything which you can eat. Apply the face mask which is of natural ingredients. Try to use less makeup on skin. Keep your looks natural.

NeemNeem is very good for skin. Neem leaves were very popular in treating skin problems and also acnes. These are also used as cleansers. The leaves can be crushed and turned into paste. This paste can be applied as face pack or Neem oil can be used as cleanser.

cold-waterUse of cold water as skin toner. Cold water was used for skin as toner as it help to close skin pores and helps to improve the blood circulation and cell stimulation.


TurmericTurmeric was another ingredient which is ancient secret of skin for enhancing beauty. Turmeric was used as spice and also for improving skin complexion and also to get rid of hyper pigmentation. You can add chick pea flour with turmeric and milk and apply this face pack on face and all over body. Wash after 10 minutes.

saffronAnother ingredient used was saffron. It is most expensive ingredient but it helps to enhance the complexion of the skin. It was also useful in removing sun tanning of the skin. It was used by soaking in milk overnight, blended together in morning and applied on the tanned area.

Other than these ingredient honey, sandalwood, milk, rose was also used in ancient time to keep skin soft, smooth and flawless.

The secret which my mother has passed on:-


The-secret-which-my-mother-has-passed-onI have oily face and in my teenage I faced lots of skin acne and pimples. My mother use to apply Neem face pack and Multani Mitti on my face twice a week. These face packs helped a lot in treating acnes and also faded the acne spots on my face. She brought me Ayurvedic face cream “Roop Mantra” from chemist shop which comes with all these ayurvedic herbs. To be very honest… these all stuff worked in better way for me instead of anything else… So adapt a natural lifestyle.

Will you try these ancient beauty secrets? Can you give up use of chemically treated cosmetic products? At least give it a try for a month and see the changes.J Please comment below if you like this article.

What are ancient ayurvedic beauty secrets?
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