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Who doesn’t want a Clean and Healthy skin? The answer is everyone! A flawless skin is a dream of all. But for many of us, it is hard to fulfill our dream. The reason can be some of the skin conditions like pimples, dryness, marks and many more. But there is no need to lose hope. Anyone can make their skin great; all it needs is some time and commitment.

Dreaming about something is not enough unless you put efforts to make it true. People often ask questions for how to make their skin perfect and read the tips for it. They fail to realize that getting a flawless skin is not an overnight process. The side effects of neglecting your skin will show up at certain life stage.

Here I’m sharing with you some important and simple tips. Include these tips in your regular skin care routine for making your skin clean and smooth.


Things to keep in mind for glowing skin :

Drink right amount of water :


Water has multiple benefits for your skin like the removal of toxins, improves digestion and circulation. Drink plenty of water to keep your skin hydrated and for a natural glow.


Sleep well :

At least 7-hour sleep is important for a beautiful and wrinkles less skin. Not taking proper sleep can harm your skin as well as eyes. You’ll get dark circles under your eyes.


Healthy diet :

Eating healthy food is a key to give a natural glow to your skin. Eat fresh and green vegetables and loads of fruit and nuts every day. Green vegetables are a good source of proteins, vitamins, and antioxidants.


Some of the green vegetables which you can eat for healthy skin are:-

  • Ladyfinger
  • Potato
  • Turnip
  • Cabbage
  • Lettuce
  • Sprouts
  • Cauliflower

Eat salad of fresh vegetables like onion, tomato radish, carrot, etc. every day.


Moisturize the skin :

For a radiant and young skin, moisturize it many times in a day. You can use a light moisturizer at day and a heavy one at night. As an alternative to this, you can wash face with fresh water multiple times a day.


Use sunscreen 365 days :

Whether it’s winter or summer, raining or not, fair or dark complexion, your skin is at risk of sun damage. So, wear sunscreen of at least SPF 30 every day to prevent wrinkles, large pores, and uneven skin tone.


Use cold eye creams :

Keep the eye cream in a refrigerator and then use it. The cold eye cream will tighten the blood vessels reducing puffiness. It is better to use eye cream in morning than night. Eye creams with caffeine are good in reducing swelling.


Fruitful benefits of fruits :


The minerals and antioxidants of fruits are important for a healthy and clear skin. Eat quality fruits, for example – apples, oranges, grapes, papaya, and strawberries in routine.


Stop popping :

Touching and popping pimples is one of the common but bad habits. It can cause scars, redness, and spread of bacteria. Try to leave this habit and use other effective methods to cure them.


Keep the face clean :

People, in general, wash their face in a hurry without pampering it. Just like a pan full of oil, if we don’t wash it well, there will stains of oil in it. Same is the case of your face; wash it well with fresh water to remove all the dirt and impurities.


   Give protection to skin :

Skin is a sensitive organ and it cannot bear the harmful rays of the sun. Step out in sun after using complete protection. Basic points to remember are wearing sunscreen of SPF 30, broad brim hat and cover face with clothing.

Following these healthy tips can make your dream of having flawless skin come true. Try to inculcate these healthy habits in you for healthy results.


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Want a flawless and glowing skin? Follow these healthy tips.
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