Your skin gets maximum exposure to dirt and dust in day-to-day life. Add to that regular oil secretion and dead skin cells, and a disastrous recipe for clogged pores is ready.

It is very important to keep the skin pores free of clogs to prevent the pimples or blackheads. The simple and best way to get rid of this problem is to follow a good skincare routine.

Washing your face in a proper manner is, of course, the best way to keep your skin clean and fresh. But this single step of cleaning is not enough to unclog the pores. You need to do deep cleansing and exfoliation on regular basis.

This doesn’t mean that preventing clogged pores on the face and nose is a chore. There are many ways which can help to clean the skin pores and make it blemish free. But instead of investing money on the chemical laden products, why don’t you try some easy natural remedies for clogged pores? Natural care is the best care, so, today I’m sharing with you a list of a few natural remedies to unclog the pores.

Let’s begin!


Sugar :

It acts as a natural exfoliating agent that helps to remove dead skin cells and unclog the pores. All you have to do is, take two tablespoons of sugar and crush it into powder form.


Add a little water and juice of half a lemon to it for making a thick paste. Put this paste on the affected skin and massage in a gentle manner for 5 minutes. Wash your skin with cool water and use a light moisturizer.

Honey :

Honey reduces the excess oil on the skin and tightens the pores. Plus, it helps to keep the skin hydrated. Take pure organic and raw honey, and use it on the affected skin area.


Keep it for few minutes and then rinse it off with lukewarm water. Doing this two or three time a week prevents clogged pores.

 Fuller’s Earth (Multani Mitti) :

This natural exfoliating agent helps to clear the clogged pores on nose and other annoying areas. It works in two ways – first, it draws out substances which block the pores and second, it absorbs all the extra oil.


These qualities of Multani Mitti make it an essential part of your beauty regime. Use one tsp. each of Fuller’s earth, oatmeal and water and make a paste. Spread this mixture over your clean face and wash after 10-15 minutes. Do moisturize your skin with a mild moisturizer.

Steam :

An inexpensive and a good remedy for clogged pores is steaming your face. This can open the clogged pores by washing away all kinds of impurities trapped inside. Take water in a pot, cover it by a lid and heat on the stove. Remove the pot from the heat once it starts producing steam. Place a towel on your head and lean over the steaming water. Stay like this for 10-15 minutes and let your face soak the steam. After that dry your skin and use a toner and mild moisturizer for preventing dryness of the skin.

Lemon :

The citric acid of the lemon is helpful in exfoliating the skin and cleaning out the dirt and oil which clogs the pores. All you need to do is, rub your clogged skin with the juice of a lemon and keep it for 5-10 minutes.


Wash your face with lukewarm water in a proper manner. Dry your skin and put a light moisturizer for keeping the skin moist and soft.

Baking Soda :

This gentle exfoliating agent can unplug the pores by removing the dead skin cells, grime, and other impurities. In addition, it helps to regulate the pH balance of the skin making it smooth and young.


Take two tsp. baking soda and one tsp. water and mix them well to make a deep facial cleanser paste. Use this paste on your face and massage in circular motion for few minutes. After keeping it for about five minutes, wash with lukewarm water and pat dry.

So, these are some of the natural remedies which can help to unclog the tiny pores of your skin. Along with these, drink plenty of water, avoid the intake of greasy foods and remove your make-up before going to bed.

Moreover for moisturizing your skin chose herbal cream i.e. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream For Glowing Skin.


It is an Ayurvedic formulation and keeps skin free from various problems. Using this can help to keep your skin healthy and glowing.

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Unclog the Skin Pores with Effective Natural Remedies
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