Acne is the most common skin problem which anyone can face. They pop up from nowhere on any part of your skin. We poke, squeeze or pick them, try every possible way to get rid of them. But all this goes in vain and worsens the problem.

Many reasons can cause acne problem to your skin. But one of the main reasons is your clogged skin pores. Your skin and scalp have many tiny pores or openings that help the body to stay clean and healthy. The location of these pores is above the oil glands and they secrete natural oil; sebum. This oil helps to collect and hold dead skin cells.

As these oil glands remove the dead cells, it often results up in gathering ultimately causing blockage of pores. The pores can become clogged with dirt, bacteria and some other oils. So, regular cleansing of skin pores is important as clogged pores can develop long-lasting acne and skin issues.

You may be unaware of the fact that your lifestyle and everyday habits can clog your skin pores. It is hard to break the habits, but when the habits are damaging to your skin; change them.  Dropping the unhealthy habits can reverse the skin damage and make it healthy.

Six bad habits that can clog skin pores :

 Frequently touching your face :

Touching your face while washing or cleaning it is something normal. But touching your face without any reason can contribute to ugly little breakouts. This habit of yours can contaminate your skin.


Your hands may catch germs or impurities and by touching your face, again and again, transfer them to the skin. You can combat this habit by washing your hands more often. Moreover, keep on reminding yourself not to touch your face.

Sunbathing and using sunscreen :

Spending a day at the beach is a lot of fun but can damage your skin too. Staying in sun for longer can tan your skin. This skin tanning can make your skin pores look larger in size. You often use sunscreen to stay safe from this problem.


But many sunscreens have the capability of blocking the skin pores. So, it is important to limit the exposure of skin to sun and choose the right sunscreen for your skin. You can choose the one which is light-weight and oil free.

Smoking :

Smoking is a bad habit both for active as well as passive smokers. It is a leading cause of heart and lung problems. But do you know, smoking is harmful to your skin too. Whenever you smoke, the toxic residue is left behind on the skin.


This dirty leftover can clog the skin pores and cause acne problem. The easiest way to protect your skin from damage is by quitting this bad habit. Try taking help from your friends and family to get rid of the habit of smoking.

Sleeping on dirty Bed sheets :

A good and sound sleep is important for Healthy skin. But are you sleeping on a clean bed? Because sleeping on dirty bed sheets and pillow cases can have a negative effect. The dirt, oil, and impurities settle down on the bed sheets and pillow covers.


While sleeping on them, dirt and all gets transferred to your skin. This can irritate the skin by clogging the pores. So, wash all bed coverings with organic laundry soap once a week.

Talking on phone :

You have a habit of  keeping your phone in purse or pocket. Whenever needed you just take it out and put it on your ear against the face. The screen of the phone can catch a lot of dirt and germs and becomes dirty. Sticking the phone to your face for a long can transfer all the dirt to the face. This can block the tiny skin pores and cause acne.

So to keep your skin healthy, use the option of hands-free devices. Or clean your phone as often as possible to keep it dust free.

Skipping exfoliation :

No matter how many times you wash your face in a day, not exfoliating once a week can make your skin suffer. Exfoliation is an effective way to remove dirt, oil and dead skin which can clog the skin pores. Clogged skin pores are an invitation to acne and blemishes. So, in order to prevent clogging, you must exfoliate your skin one time a week. In case of dry skin, you can do it once a week and for oily skin, do it two times in a week. Exfoliate in a gentle manner.

So, if any of these bad habits are a part of your routine life, avoid them. As now you are aware of their consequences. Follow healthy habits, eat healthy foods and drink plenty of water.


Along with this, using Roop Mantra ayurvedic medicinal cream or Roop mantra zero pimple gel can be a good solution to acne problem. These products are made from natural ayurvedic herbs and can help to keep your skin healthy and flawless.

Quit bad habits for healthy skin!

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Thank you.

These 6 Habits are causing Acne to your Skin
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