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Summer is that time of the year where the skin is the most ignored part of the body. There is no doubt that the skin is not that dry as it used to be in the winters, the reason being that the air in summer is filled with moisture and thus the problem of oily skin is seen. On the other hand, over excess to the heating sun leads to skin tanning, though most people love it but I’m sure to a limit. All this sums up to a thing that the skin needs more attention during this time of the year.

In this blog below, we bring you Six Easy Tricks and Tips to keep a Gorgeous, Glowing and Healthy Skin in the high temperatures of Summer Season.

1.  The Sunscreen is always at the Rescue :

Even on cloudy days, the sun’s UV rays can be harmful to your delicate skin, hence, bring an SPF (Sun Protection Factor) rich sunscreen lotion to the rescue to fight those rays.  In summers, wear your sunscreen every day because this is the time where sun’s rays are extremely powerful no matter if there is overcast.

Sunscreens differ according to the different skin tones. If you have a fair skin, use at least an SPF-30. Also, the effect diminishes as the SPF number increases; for example, the products with SPF-50 or SPF-100 will only be 1-2% more effective than the products with SPF-30. Anyways, choosing an SPF is just one step. Make sure you reapply the same after an average time of 90 minutes, especially after a good swim


2.  Skin Moisturising is Important :

Skin-Moisturising-is-ImportantOne should make a point that to maintain a healthy skin, moisturising is equally important in summers like in winters. It is obvious that we don’t stop eating in summers or do we? Just like that, Moisturisers are skin’s food. Moisturisers also help in alleviating the sunburns, especially the ones with Aloe Vera.

 Roop Mantra is one such product. Aloe Vera helps in keeping the skin well hydrated and the cooling effect soothes the discomfort caused by burns.


3.  Avoid/Limit the Use of Tanning Beds :

There are numerous theories that have already come out with a proof that Tanning Beds are one immediate cause of developing Cancer.

Think about the same, and then compare the risk one exposes  to their body while getting a beauty tan in the tanning salon. The better options to show your true summer skin colour are tanning lotions and self-tanning towels.


4.  Take that Beauty Sleep :

Take-that-Beauty-Sleep  Higher stress levels are one common outcome when a person experience lack of sleep. This gradually leads to a decrease in the level of collagen production, a tissue that makes our skin.


Lower the collagen production, higher the risk of our skin to lose its elasticity that results in skin breakouts (acne) and loss of skin elasticity (formation of wrinkles)


5.  Regularly Exfoliate your Skin :

In summers, with the over-exposure to heat, the dead cells settle down on the skin, thus making your skin feel rough, dull and dry. Hence, by exfoliation these dead cells come off and a process of cell rejuvenation takes place, allowing a healthier glowing summer skin to stand out. Skin exfoliators must be soft and mainly made of natural ingredients of which walnut shells is the most common to find.


6.  Last But Not the Least, Keep Yourself Hydrated :

Avoid-Limit-the-Use-of-Tanning-Beds   Water is also known as the ‘Elixir of Life’, the reason why is very well understood. From proper functioning of the body and keeping your skin healthy, water is something to be easily trusted. Proper hydration of the body helps in flushing out the unwanted toxins from our body. One should drink at least 8 glasses of water in a day for maintaining that healthy glowing skin.

Hence, following these tips will not only help you in maintaining a better-looking skin, however, will also work for the long-term body wellness. Herbal products like Roop Mantra  ayurvedic face wash makes you feel radiant and thus, you glow out naturally with no harms done.

So people bring out those sunglasses and apply the right sunscreen to have the best times spent in summers this year.

Summer Skin Care- This is what Professionals do
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