All women desire to have a flawless and glowing skin. All they dream about is to look their best in every possible way. To fulfill it, they make all the efforts they can. They use different skin care and beauty products to get clearer, brighter and smoother-looking skin.

Often females fall for the fancy and attractive T.V. commercials of beauty products. Because of this attraction, ladies often forget to check the ingredients on the products’ label and blindly trust them. They don’t know that these contain some hidden chemicals which can damage their skin.

Instead of accomplishing your dream of flawless skin; such products harm your skin. Everyone loves to use beauty products; you’ll also be one of them. However, we don’t realize that these can do more harm than good. You may blame eating habits or lifestyle of yours for sudden skin issues. But in reality, the products which you are using on your face are at fault.

I’m sharing with you some signs, if you notice any of these on your face, stop right away and let the skin breathe for a while.

Let’s begin!


Sudden Increase in Acne  :

Most of the lotions and creams you use contain severe oil-based formulas and worsen your existing acne problems. If your facial cream makes your skin too oily then you need to replace it.


Switch to a water-based or ayurvedic formula which not only gives your skin sufficient moisture but prevents the clogging of pores.

Loss of Natural Glow of the Face :

Was your skin radiant and glowing once, but with time, it seems to have lost all of it. What can this result in?  It gives a dull and lackluster complexion which doesn’t budge. Again the blame goes to the alcohol-based and harsh scrubs. They have the tendency to dry out the skin in excess and cause an unnecessary build-up of dead skin cells instead of removing them. Hence, go for natural toners like cucumber juice or face wash which doesn’t cause any side effect. 

Skin becomes dry and Flaky :

In case your face washes and cleansers have the harsh chemicals, your skin has to pay for it. Because this results in excessive dryness and the skin becomes flaky.


Such chemicals laden products mess with the cells of the skin and transform its nature in a complete manner. To prevent this, use ayurvedic and natural face washes; one such product is Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash. Its herbal ingredients help your skin to get back to your original form.

Appearance of Brown Spots :

Do you know that the brown spots on your face are an outcome of sun damage? After reading this, one line which you’ll exclaim in your mind is that “I often use a ton of sunscreen on my skin before going out”.


But it’s not doing its job in a proper manner if you’re seeing the recurrence of brown spots all over your face and neck area. It’s important to remember this thing that your skin needs protection from the harmful UV rays of the sun. So, pick a sunscreen which offers, at least, an SPF of 30, plus broad-spectrum UV protection.

Skin reacts to new products in a Bad Manner :

 A new beauty product launches in the market, everyone discussing it and it is being shown on every channel through the medium of add commercials. All these things excite you and you instantly go and purchase it. But this is wrong, before shelling out money on it, wait and research more about it. Often we get so mesmerized by the make of a product; we fail to understand that not all of them suit our skin type. The result is obvious, an uncalled burning or stinging sensation.

In case, application of a product causes a burning sensation to the skin, it’s a clear sign that it doesn’t suit you. Sensitive skin often show reactions to the certain ingredients found in certain creams; maybe because they contain some harsh chemicals which damages the quality of the skin. Thus, know your skin type first and then choose the product accordingly, it’s better to go for natural or ayurvedic formulations.or You  can use Ayurvedic face wash for dull skin.

Now you know the damaging effects of the chemical based beauty or skincare products on the skin. The strong creams and lotions create havoc and wreak your skin’s texture. So, try to clear out the shelf loaded with the chemical containing products and replace them with natural ones for a while.

Roop Mantra gives you a complete range of skin care products which are natural and safe. You can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic  Cream For Dry Skin and Roop Mantra Cucumber Face Wash to keep your skin healthy. Their Ayurvedic elements work on the skin in a gentle manner and keep you free from skin problems.


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Some Signs that Your Skin Care Products are Secretly Damaging Your Skin
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