Pimples or Acne come in the list of worst Nightmares for any girl. Pimples pop up on face in any shape or size. Almost every teenager or even adults go through this problem of pimples. The reason behind the appearance of these stubborn pimples or acne is the contamination of sebaceous (oil) glands with bacteria inciting swelling. Excess secretion of sebum from the oil glands is one of the primary causes for this problem. Pimples usually occur on face, neck, back and shoulders. Although not being a perilous condition, pimples have the power to make a person feel dejected because of their appearance.

Curing these tiny monsters with the chemical loaded medicines and lotions might take time and somehow will also affect your skin. So, it’s better to shift to the option of natural remedies. Natural means not only cure the pimples in a short period of time but also safeguard your skin.

So, here I am going to share with you some natural means which will help you to say good bye to these stubborn pimples.

Natural Means For Curing Pimples :


1.  Ice Therapy :

The swelling, redness and inflammation caused by pimples can be reduced by applying ice to the affected area. It improves the circulation of blood in the affected area and tightens the skin pores and clearing the skin from all the dirt and extra oil. Ice cubes or crushed ice can be used as per your convenience.

2.  Leamon :

Vitamin C enriched lemon juice is also a quick way to get rid of pimples. Lemon juice helps to dry up your pimples faster. Freshly extracted lemon juice is more beneficial rather than the bottled one. Dip a clean cotton ball in fresh lemon juice (diluted) and apply it to the pimples before going to bed.

3.  Aloe Vera :

Antioxidant, antibacterial, anti-inflammatory are the properties of aloe Vera   making it a natural remedy to cure pimples. For treating the acne, all you need to do is apply the freshly extracted aloe Vera   gel on the pimples and leave it overnight. Don’t forget to wash it off in the morning. The antibacterial properties of aloe Vera  will help in removal of bacteria from the skin.

4. Cucumber :

Cucumber is an excellent cure for acne treatment of people having sensitive skin.  Application of cucumber juice to the pimple affected areas cleanses your skin to remove all the dirt and excess oil from the skin pores. This is how cucumber helps you to say good bye to those stubborn pimples. It will also make your skin clearer and smooth. or You can Use Cucumber Face wash.

5.  Neem :

The ‘wonder leaves’ acts as a blessing for people with oily skin as it plays a role of an absorber and imbibes all the excess oils from the skin. Neem not only frees your skin from the pimples but also helps to remove the scars or marks left by them. Making a neem paste and its application on the affected area can fulfill the purpose of getting rid from the pimples. Adding some extra herbs along with neem will also be helpful. or You Can Use Face Wash for Pimples.

6.  Green Tea :

The catechins of green tea are antimicrobial and help in destroying the acne causing bacteria. The imbalance of hormones being one of the reasons behind appearance of pimples can be treated by consumption of green tea. The scars and marks are healed by green tea. So, for a clean glowing skin replace your ordinary tea with green tea.

7.  Onions :

Although hard to believe but yes onions do play a role in clearing your skin from the acne scars and marks. The antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory qualities of this herb make it a soldier for fighting against all your skin infections, cures redness and inflammation.

8.  Mentha (Mint) :

Combination of strong antibacterial properties and salicylic acid makes mint an effective cure for pimples. Mint also contains vitamin A, which controls the secretion of oil in people having oily and pimple prone skin. Applying mint paste prepared from fresh mint leaves is quite beneficial. For better results you can also add other natural products to it.

To protect your skin from the searing summer heat naturally, you should use Ayurvedic products only. They do not harm your skin and cures all your skin problems. Roop Mantra is an absolute range of skincare products. Roop Mantra products are made from ayurvedic formulations which will keep your skin healthy and protected.

In your daily schedule, use Roop  Mantra Neem Face Wash and Aloe Vera Face Wash. They will deeply cleanse your skin and make it pimple free. It acts on your skin by removing all the dirt and pollutants which settles down on your skin.


To free your skin from the marks and scars left by the stubborn pimples, you can also use Roop Mantra Zero Pimple Gel, it contains all the natural elements will remove all your pimples and their marks too giving you a healthy glowing skin.

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Thank You.

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Say Good bye to Stubborn Pimples through Natural Means
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