No matter what your skin type is, it is essential to exfoliate the top dead layer of skin cells in routine. Exfoliation helps to keep your skin soft and cleans the tiny pores of it. This prevents the appearance of pimples, acne, blackheads or whiteheads too.

You must be thinking how exfoliation does all this? The answer to this is the human skin keeps on regenerating the cells in a constant manner. The old cells at the top die and the new ones from the lower layer replace them. However, with age, this natural cycle of our skin slows down. This, in turn, leads to the accumulation of the dead skin cells on the outer layer.

A normal bath or shower is not sufficient for clearing away the layer of dead skin cells. Weekly exfoliation is an effective way to help our skin generate new cells. It is necessary for all types of skin. 

Instead of using the harsh chemical laden products, you can try some natural methods. In today’s article, I’m going to share with you some easy remedies which can remove the dead cells of your facial skin.

Let’s begin!


Brown Sugar :

Due to the coarse texture, raw sugar works the best to exfoliate the skin on the face and body. Rubbing it on the skin generates the friction which helps to fling off the damaged cells.


The scrubbing improves the blood circulation and makes your skin soft and supple. Take one tsp. each of sugar and almond or coconut oil. Mix them well and put this mixture on your face and scrub in circular motions for few minutes. After keeping it for another five minutes, wash it off with lukewarm water.

Coffee :

Coffee grounds are a smart choice for removing the dead cell layers and the production of the new ones. The compounds of coffee are helpful in maintaining a glowing complexion.


Just mix 3 tbsp. coffee grounds, 1 tbsp. olive or almond oil, one tbsp. each of organic honey and fine sugar. Then massage this paste over your face in circular motions. Let it stay on your skin for 10-15 minutes and after that rinse it off with warm water.

Baking Soda :

The alkaline nature of baking soda granules helps to dislodge the dead cells. Plus it restores the normal pH level of the skin. You’ll need one tablespoon baking soda, one vitamin E capsule, and water. First, prick the vitamin E capsule and add its oil to the baking soda.


Then make a paste of medium consistency add a few drops of water to it. Put this mixture on a clean face and scrub in a gentle manner with circular motions. Do this for about 2-3 minutes and then wash with water.

Olive Oil :

You’ll require 2-3 olive pits and two tablespoon olive oil for this remedy. Just grind the olive pits and add olive oil to them. Then scrub your skin with this mixture. Afterward, rinse the extra oil off with a mild cleanser. The grounded pits exfoliate the dead cells while the olive oil helps in nourishment.

Gram Flour :

Gram flour or besan is a good ingredient which is effective in eliminating the dead cells of the skin. In addition to this, it helps to remove the extra oil which prevents problems like blackheads, acne, and pimples.


Make a paste by mixing 2 tbsp. gram flour and a few tbsp. of rose water or plain water. Spread this paste on your skin and let it dry. Later scrub it off with wet fingers and wash your face.

Oatmeal :

It softens the dead skin, moisturizes it and reduces any inflammation if present. All these parameters make oatmeal an excellent remedy to get rid of dead skin.


Prepare a paste by mixing two teaspoons of ground oatmeal and water. Put it on your face and rub in circular motions for a few minutes and then rinse your face.

So, now that you know how to exfoliate your skin, what are you waiting for? Following these simple methods will keep your skin healthy, soft and glowing. Take out some time for your skin and see the difference.

Moreover, avoid using expensive chemical-laden products for exfoliation. This is because they damage the skin in various ways. It’s better to go for natural products. For proper cleaning of your face and removing the dead skin cells, you can use Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash. This Ayurvedic face wash keeps the skin healthy and free from pimples, acne, blackheads and other problems. You can say Roop Mantra Neem Face wash can be used as face wash for pimples.


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Remove Dead Skin Cells from Face with Easy Natural Methods
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