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Being new mother is wonderful and you enjoy your family life. But after pregnancy there are some physical changes that many women undergo. Mostly these changes are temporary and will be back to normal itself after some course of time.

Skincare after Pregnancy often takes a back seat as your little one becomes center of attraction. Once your baby arrives, you will barely have time for yourself. Some women experiences Skin issues in Pregnancy while others have the pregnancy glow which stays with them throughout.

How to deal with Skin problems during Pregnancy? To deal with these skin issues try to take out ten minutes time to keep your skin looking great. Here is guide for post Pregnancy Skin Care.

There are different changes that you can see on your face. Now question arises what are Skin changes during Pregnancy? Here are some common Skin problems during Pregnancy and how to deal with it.

  1. Acne: –

AcneThe most common skin issue that a woman faces is Acne. What causes acne during Pregnancy? Due to increase in progesterone levels during pregnancy skin can become excessively oily and which could result in breakouts. After pregnancy, due to changes in hormone level, you may face acne breakouts, even if your skin was clear during pregnancy.

 How to reduce Acne on Face:-

  • Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser twice a day.
  • Apply a lightweight, oil-free moisturizer in the morning and night.
  • Use mild scrub with soft granules once a week.
  • Use products with natural ingredients like Aloe Vera and Sandalwood.
  1. Pigmentation: –

PigmentationPigmentation or melasma is the dark patch or spots on your skin. What is cause of pigmentation during Pregnancy? Dark patch or spots are caused due to high levels of estrogen and progesterone during pregnancy. Dark patches on your body or face fade away on its own most likely after one year post delivery.

How to reduce Pigmentation on Face:-

  • Use sunscreen daily, even if you stay indoors to ensure that you don’t aggravate the pigmentation or get new spots on your face.
  • Use sunscreen with 15 SPF if you stay indoors and use SPF 30 & above if step outdoors.
  • Cover your skin as much as possible.
  • Use daily moisturizer, especially the one which is made for pigmented skin.
  1. Dark Circles & Puffy Eyes:-

Dark-Circles-and-Puffy-EyesWhat is the cause of dark circles under eyes? Dark circles are caused due to change in hormone levels and lack of sleep after a having a baby. Your eyes tend to show the tiredness your body experiences in the form of puffed up eyes or dark circles.


How to reduce Dark Circles on Face:-

  • Drink at least 8 glasses of water and maintain a healthy diet.
  • Take short naps whenever your baby sleeps, this is the best way to get some rest and sleep.
  • Apply a reputed brand’s eye cream specifically for dark circles and puffy eyes.
  • You can also use cold tea bags to reduce swelling of Eyes.
  1. Stretch Marks:-

Stretch-MarksWhat causes stretch marks during pregnancy? It is the most stubborn problem during pregnancy. It is caused when the middle layer of skin (dermis) becomes stretched and broken in places. Stretch marks are due to contraction of skin post birth, skin develop small tears which cause certain areas to get cringed.

How do you get rid of Stretch Marks?

  • The best way to avoid stretch marks is to start using olive oil rich moisturizer or Anti-Stretch mark Cream in the stretch marks prone area right from the day you know you are pregnant.
  • Post birth, use anti- stretch marks cream on affected area regularly.
  • Be regular with brisk walking, light exercises or yoga and have a healthy diet.
  • Apply coconut or olive oil regularly to avoid getting stretch marks.

So, the key to achieve Better Skin after Pregnancy is to stay calm, happy and stress-free. Enjoy your time as a mother and let your body recover naturally.

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Post Pregnancy Skincare
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