Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream is a 100% natural Ayurvedic product – without any chemicals, therefore completely safe for your facial skin. You do not need any other acne treatment product for your pimple/acne problems when you use Roop Mantra products. Roop Mantra Products are easy and convenient to use. […]


Acne occurs due to excessive oil on the face, hormonal changes during adolescence and frequent use of makeup. Other contributing factors are improper diet and bad lifestyle. Roop Mantra removes oil and dirt effectively and fights off acne while still keeping the face hydrated.   For Complete Information About Roop […]


Yes, Roop Mantra products are appropriate for all skin types. Roop Mantra is a nutrient rich skin treatment. We believe in fixing the problem and not covering them. The products are totally chemical free, which is a boon for a sensitive skin.   For Complete Information About Roop Mantra products […]


Blackheads are caused due to the buildup of sebum which clogs the pores. Treat your skin with Roop Mantra face wash and then apply Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream for best results. The cream is packed with the goodness of time-tested herbs like Aloe Vera and basil. For Complete Information […]


People with oily skin tend to have large pores. Another contributing factor is the age, with age, skin loses its elasticity. The best way to reduce pores is following a complete cleansing regime. Wash your face with Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash to remove excessive oil. Then follow with Roop […]


Ayurvedic products are gentle and effective on the skin, unlike chemical-laden products. They are based on Ayurvedic theory, that advocates the use of natural herbs, essential oils for curing skin problems. For Complete Information About Roopmantra Ayurvedic skin care best for your skin : Click Here Searchable Tags: Ayurvedic Face […]