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No adverse effects of Roop Mantra Products have been seen or reported. Being a 100% ayurvedic treatment products, it has no side effects.   For Complete Information About Roop Mantra Products have any harmful effect on my skin : Click Here Searchable Tags: Ayurvedic Face Products, Ayurvedic Face Care, Ayurvedic […]


By following regular acne treatments with Roop Mantra products you can prevent old eruptions of face or get quick relief when there are any new acne/pimple breakouts. You can also use our Roop Mantra Face Wash for preventing new pimples and for a smooth and glowing facial skin. For Complete […]


Preventing Dullness calls for removal of dead skin cells. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Capsules & face wash targets dullness from within the active vitamins in Roop Mantra are proven to stimulate skin cell repair and regeneration of skin cells leading to glowing skin.   For Complete Information About How it helps […]


Expert’s recommendation for dark circles is the application of anti-oxidants. Our ayurvedic preparation contain powerful anti-oxidants along with vitamin E & C which have been proven to reduce free radiant damage to the skin. The ayurvedic Roop Mantra cream has been clinically proven to be effectively reduce dark circles.   […]


The results are visible within 10 days – your pimple/acne drying up and sometimes even going away. After that, depending on the intensity of your problem, it may take more or less time. Those who have a lot of pimples/acne on their faces need to continue acne treatment with Roop […]