These days exercising and working out is very necessary to maintain proper health and get glowing skin. Have you ever thought that how necessary is skin care after work out? Skincare is very important after post work out. If you do not take care of your skin after workout then you can experience breakouts and blackheads.

Daily workouts will make skin clean and give pink glow on skin naturally. If you want to maintain that glow then start post gym skincare today only. Read below article to know more:-


Post Workout Skincare Tips


1- Take shower:- First thing to do is to take a shower after returning from workout. During workout clothes would be sweaty and wearing them longer can result in rashes or even body aches.

Excessive sweat can result in clogged pores and can cause damage to skin. Whether you are working indoors or outdoors you will be prone to fungal infection so take shower immediately. Try to use non fragrant soap and take bath with lukewarm water.


2- Cleanse your face: – While taking shower makes sure you wash your face with mild face wash especially the one which suits your skin type. During exercising there are chances when there can be increase in face & sweat and that all will be because of sebum production. This is the reason to use a good quality cleanser after workout.


Buy one which clears all dirt and suits for acne prone skin. We suggest you to use “Roop Mantra Face wash For Pimples ” all this face wash is Ayurvedic and contains extracts of cucumber. It cleans impurities, excess oil & blemishes and helps in maintaining clean and glowing skin.




3- Apply sunscreen: – When it comes to skincare, sunscreen is must. It is said to apply sunscreen before you step out for workouts but it is very necessary to reapply when you come back. After taking bath apply sunscreen.

Keep reapplying sunscreen after every 3 hours as its effect stay only for two hours and you need to reapply if you want to stay protected from sun. Apply sunscreen as it will protect you from sunburns and protect you from UVA rays which can cause premature aging.


4- Moisturize your body: – Your body will require a good moisturizer after post workout so that it can stay soft and healthy. If you are going to gym then the air conditioning there can damage your skin very much and you can also suffer from dry skin. So keep your body moisturized so that you can hydrate your body well. Using a good body lotion will soothe your skin and will keep away any irritation.

5- Hydrate your body: – You will feel dehydrated as you have lost fluid from sweating. So you need to drink lots of water to restore the fluid lost from sweating. Take fresh juice with no added sugar or you can have coconut water, lemonade or detox water to give you energy boost up and hydrate your body.


So, are you ready for post workout skincare routine? Follow these tips and get ready to flaunt the glow on your face after workout. Stay beautiful! Please comment in box below if you have any suggestions.

How to take care of skin Post workout?
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