Dehydration is one of the common problems which affect skin cells. Dehydration is the loss of water from the body. People some time get confused with dryness and dehydration. Dryness is referred as the lack of oil on skin or de-hydration is lack of moisture on the skin. If you feel a moistened skin it is soft and supple but dehydrated skin is harsh and rough to touch. Stressful life, over exposure of sun rays, wind and hash chemicals cause skin dehydrated and rough. Over sweat, urination flow from body can be the cause of dehydration. To relieve from dehydration you should follow these easy steps which helps to hydrate your body.  Water helps to balance Pitta Dosha, support Kapha dosha, and counteracts the dryness of Vata dosha. It nurtures, lubricate and detoxify your body. As per Ayurveda, in dehydration agni is low and ama (toxic substances) blocks the micro-channels (shrotas) Which carry water to cells. In such situations drinking boil water work as therapeutic water and help to relieve from dryness and enhance the moisture absorption.

There is different ways to drink water as per Ayurveda:

  • Always drink water in sitting position just as you sit down to eat food.
  • Drink water in sips. Do not drink full glass chugs.
  • Sip water throughout the day. Do not chug full glass of water as body is not able to absorb too much water at once.
  • Drink water at room temperature. You can also drink warm or lukewarm water as it is help ful for your body.
  • Do not drink cold or iced water.
  • If your lips are dried then you need to drink more to get hydrated.
  • Do not drink too much water before or after meals as it doesn’t give adequate space to food in digestive system.

These are the Ayurvedic way through which helps to moisten your skin from inside. You can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face-wash and cream to get moisten and beautiful skin. Roop Mantra cream helps to absorb moisture in the skin. Use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream and capsule for optimal results.

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How to Fight with Dehydration to get Clear Skin?
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