How to deal with dry and dehydrated skin

Sometime we deal with problems like chapped lips, static hairs, skin roughness and itchiness. Most of us have to cope up with parched skin. We often think about how to bring skin glow back? But firstly, one should know what is the difference between dry and dehydrated skin? In actual, the difference is that dryness is skin type and dehydration is the skin condition.

Generally, there is confusion between two because both skin problem is pretty much the same. Are you thinking about Is my skin dry or dehydrated? So, let’s discuss it further in detail for a better understanding.

What is Dry Skin? And what are causes of dry skin? Generally, dry skin can be a natural skin condition by birth or it can be uncomfortable skin condition marked by scaling, cracking and itching. Even if your skin is oily you can develop dry skin in your hands, face, arms and legs.

Reasons for dry skinReasons for Dry Skin:-

1- Exposure to dry weather condition

2- Certain chemicals in skincare products

3- Steamy showers

4- Moisture robbing soaps

5- Aging



How to fix dry skinHow to fix Dry Skin?

  • When temperature drops, the humidity levels plunges too and dry air leaves skin parched. To deal with it sensitive areas like face, lips and hands should be covered and kept well moisturized.
  • Make use of fragrance free Skin Products and containing fewer chemicals. You can make use Ayurvedic or organic products.
  • Take shower with lukewarm water. Don’t stay long under hot water shower.
  • Make use of mild or Fragrance – Free Soap which should moisturize with cleaning.
  • As hormone level changes with age, skin become thin and sometimes dry. To avoid that make use of good moisturizer with ingredients such as alpha-hydroxyl acids and retinol.

What is Dehydrated Skin?

What is dehydrated SkinDehydrated skin produces normal or even excessive amount of oil, appears dull, congested and can even cause breakouts. This type of skin feels tight and dry and sometime it can be flaky. Dehydrated skin concern can come and go according to climate or seasonal changes.

Causes of Dehydrated Skin:-

  • Low humidity level in summer and springs.
  • Increased exposure to harmful sun rays.
  • Excessive usage of room heaters
  • Using harsh skin care products

How to treat dehydrated skinHow to treat Dehydrated Skin?

The most important thing to do to treat dehydrated skin is to access your Skincare Routine, which means:-


  • Use effective and gentle cleanser that leaves your skin feeling light such as Roop Mantra best herbal face wash which maintains PH balance of skin and is gentle on skin.
  • Avoid harsh scrubs or rough cleaning brushes.
  • Avoid Alcohol Based Toner instead make use of replenished toners.
  • Skip the use of highly fragrant product.
  • Drink plenty of fresh water

Apart from skincare routine, there is little more work to do. Ensure you properly protect your skin and provide moisture barrier to skin by using products with powerful humectants. Ensure that your diet is properly nourishing your skin cells. Try to add essential fatty acids foods in your diet as they are excellent for skin.

These were some treatments for Dry Dehydrated Skin. Apply it to your routine and Get Healthy Glowing Skin.


How to deal with dry and dehydrated skin?
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