Everyone dreams of having a clean and clear skin but the excessive summer heat can act as a barrier to this. In summer season sun shines at its peak and can give you major skin issues. Some of these issues can be popping up of pimples, tanning, sunburn, dryness and many more. So, for fighting with such major skin problems you must take help of something effective.

If you are trying many methods to keep your skin free from all such issues and still getting no results. It’s the right time to move towards using something real and natural. Cucumber, the common vegetable which everyone has in their refrigerators in summers can be a solution to your worries. You must be familiar with the health benefits of cucumber, but do know cucumbers can also enhance your beauty? If no, then you are on the right page. I’ll share with you some benefits of cucumber for a skin.


Benefits of cucumber

  • Rejuvenates the skin

One of the common benefits of cucumber is that it can improve the skin complexion. It can work as natural bleach refreshing the skin.

Make a mixture of one part of lemon juice with three parts of cucumber juice and apply it on the face. Keep it for 15 minutes and then wash it well. For better results, you can use this face pack every day.

  • Cures puffy eyes


Cucumber can be an instant relief to the puffiness of eyes. All you need to do is apply cucumber juice or rub cucumber slices on the dark circles. After 10-15 minutes just wash your face. This can help to remove the puffiness and also slowly reduce the dark circles.

  • Natural skin toner

The cool features of cucumber help to get rid of an oily complexion. Cucumber cleanses the skin well and tightens the skin pores. Take out the juice of cucumber by grating it, then apply the juice on the face and neck area. Leave it for 30 minutes. Wash it well with normal water.

  • Removes skin tan

If dealing with sunburn has become a daily matter for you, cucumber can appear as a blessing to your skin.

Take equal amount of cucumber juice and raw milk and mix it well. Application of this mixture on the sunburn portion can sooth and cool down the skin.

You can also go for the option of applying cucumber juice on the infected area. It is a natural and kind method to soften the skin.

  • Prevents acne


Juice of cucumber not only prevents pimples or acne but also improves the texture of skin. You can apply juice of cucumber on the face leaving the eyes and lips and let it dry for few minutes. Wash it off well with water. It will give a cool and calm effect to your skin.

  • Hydrates skin

Cucumber contains 95% water in it that means using cucumber can keep the skin hydrated. You can try a mixing cucumber with curd which is also a hydrating substance.

For making this paste, blend curd and cucumber juice for making a fine paste. For providing moisture to the skin, apply this paste on face and after some time wash it well.

  • Spot free skin

Cucumber can also help in removing the spots or marks from the skin. For this, you can grate the cucumber and spread it on face and neck. Regular usage can be helpful in reduction of marks and spots.

  • Prevents lumpiness

This means that cucumber can help in getting rid of fatty deposits of skin. Take half cup of crushed coffee, mix it with cucumber juice and one tablespoon honey. Make a thick paste and apply it on the affected area. Massage it for 30 minutes. You can also drink cucumber juice or eat cucumber for this problem.


Hence, the conclusion is cucumber can be a great help to your skin these summers. If you stay long in sun due to work or whatever, no need to worry about your skin. Cucumber can battle with all your summer-related skin issues.

Besides the above-given tips, you can also use Roop Mantra Cucumber face wash. It is a natural product enriched with all the beneficial properties of cucumber and can help in the cleansing facial dirt, dead cells, removes spots and many more. It is a herbal face wash for combination skin and an ayurvedic product.

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How is cucumber beneficial to make your skin flawless
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