Teenage is an amazing time period of life. Teens deal with great pressure like school, sports, friends, dating and handling the responsibilities of job and house. Really so tough it is to handle all this. In the middle of all these anxiety and actions, comes one of the biggest stressor – teens skin issues. The skin issues can be a stressful topic for every teen. Even a teen with excellent self-confidence can get ground down by the comments of bullies on their skin issues.

Here are the Top Five Teen Skin Issues: –

Problem 1: Acne

While teenagers are growing, a number of hormonal changes are going in their bodies. When the hormones change, teen’s skin reacts in different ways. It can be popping up of pimples or serious issues like acne with whiteheads, blackheads, and pus. The common spots for acne in a teen are the cheeks and forehead.  The jawline is the favorite spot for the acne.

Problem 2: Oily skin

During teenage, body faces many hormonal changes. This hormonal imbalance or changes can affect your skin type. Like it can make your skin oily and pimples or acne enjoy popping up on the oily skin more. So, no teen would want a face with ultra-shine at the cost of pimples or acne breakouts.

Problem 3: Eczema

The signs of this problem are patches of dry and red skin with scales. This problem can occur in teens that play sports may be any sporting equipment is aggravating their skin. It is a type of skin allergy that can be painful and irritating.

Problem 4: Warts

This is an embarrassing situation for every teen and they may hide this from everyone. A wart can occur on hand and feet and this problem can be quite painful.

Problem 5: Excess sweating

Teens have a problem of sweating a lot through their clothes. This can be an interesting topic for bullies to target you. This situation can cause great embarrassment to you.

Are any of these annoying problems creating disturbances for your teenage life? But don’t do experiments on your skin. As your skin is soft and needs a good care. Start giving some time to your skin and help it to fight these common teen skin problems. This can keep you going in the long run. I’m sharing with you some points that you need to know.

How to Make Skin Flawless in Teenage?

Have a Good Knowledge of Skin Care Products :

Seeing amazing, glitzy and famous celebs showing products on T.V. can attract any teenager. But teenagers need to be more cautious when choosing skin care products. They need to choose the product according to their skin type and condition. It requires the proper guidance of elders as choosing any wrong product can worsen the skin condition or problem.

  • Take healthy and balanced diet :


Every teenager has a habit of munching stuff like chips, burgers, fries, soda and all. For them, anything which is tasty is healthy too. But teenagers need to know that good skin care comes with a good healthy diet. Try to include healthy things in your diet like leafy vegetables, fruits, and milk products.

  • Know your skin type :

Before just picking any skin care product at one go first analyze your skin type. It is important to know whether your skin is oily, dry, and normal or combination skin and choose products accordingly.

  • Proper usage of cleanser :

Cleanse your face with a mild or natural face wash. Try to avoid harsh chemical products as it can worsen the acne or any skin problem you are going through.

Three Essentials: Cleansing, Toning, and Moisturizing

For a healthy skin include these three habits in your skincare routine. Cleanse your skin in a gentle manner to wash out the impurities from the skin pores. Then use a toner to remove the remaining dirt and oil in the skin pores. The final step is moisturizing, every teenage need to moisturize the skin whether their skin is dry or oily.


If any these skin problems are coming in the path of your happy teenage life. Then don’t just keep on ignoring this and take out some time from busy life for your skin.

So, drink a lot of water and nourish your body with good healthy food and plenty of exercises. To make your skin great for forever follow these simple but thorough skincare routine.

To tackle the most common and fearful teen skin issue; pimples, you can go for something natural. Before using any remedy it is important to make sure that your face is clean. For proper cleaning, you can use Roop mantra Neem face wash as it is an ayurvedic face wash for pimples. It can help in removing excess oil, dirt and controls blemishes and pimples. The outstanding blend of Neem, Tulsi, and Haldi has antibacterial and antifungal properties and can prevent the recurrence of pimples.


 Little efforts big results!

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How Can Teens take Care of their Skin in a Simple Way?
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