Food is the essential fuel for our bodybuilding. For a good health, a proper nutrition should be required. If you do not take a healthy diet, it can affect your metabolism, cause weight gain and may affect organs like heart and liver.

You have to maintain your diet to reduce the chances of having diseases. You need to take food which gives you a good health. As you knew foods like dark leafy greens, dark chocolate, citrus helps to treat chronic conditions but some food also becomes beneficial to your skin.

What you eat is get directly reflected on your skin. Thus, the eating is as important as your makeup and cream. As you take time to choose good skincare products, you have to give more time while choosing food. Make a habit to have healthy food according to your skin.

You need a food that helps you to make healthy and glowing skin within. Here are some foods which help you to get a healthy skin. Add these foods to your daily diet and can easily see their natural effects.

Some Food for Healthy and Glowing Skin

1.  Avocados :

It contains rich content of vitamins like A, E, C, K, B-6, foliate and also contain healthy fats. Consuming these Avocadoshealthy fats helps in maintaining the cell integrity and act as anti-aging. It also prevents the sun damage, keeps skin soft and flexible, strengthens and rejuvenates the skin.

It contains vitamin E which contains antioxidant properties and protects skin from oxidative damage. It also contains vitamin C which is essential for healthy skin. It is required to create collagen, which is the structural protein, make your skin healthy and strong.

Deficiency of vitamin C results in dry, rough, scaly skin. It also protects your skin from sun damage and reduces the signs of aging.


2.  Walnuts :

WalnutsA Walnut contains a large amount of omega-3 fatty acids. It helps to decrease the skin inflammation and become essential for vegetarians who cannot eat fish. They act as antioxidant, increase skin elasticity and prevent and protect your skin.

It also contains copper that boosts collagen production and improves your complexion. The walnut scrub helps to remove the dead skin cell and exfoliate your skin.


3.  Sweet Potatoes :Sweet-Potatoes

Sweet potatoes contain Beta-carotene which is an essential nutrient. It gets easily converted into vitamin A inside the body which helps to keep your skin healthy.

It is also an antioxidant which incorporated into your skin and protects from sun exposure. This prevents your skin from sunburn, cell damage and decreases dryness and wrinkles.


4.  Broccoli :

BroccoliIt is a complete blend of vitamins and minerals such as zinc, vitamin A and vitamin C which are important for skin health. It also contains Beta-carotene which protects the skin from damage.

It also contains a compound called as sulforaphane, which has more health benefits like protecting from sun damage. It has anti-cancer properties which become effective in skin cancer.


 5.  Tomatoes :Tomatoes

These are known as the great source of Vitamin C and also contain all major carotenoids. Beta-carotene, lutein, and lycopene protect the skin against damage and prevent wrinkles.

Due to the presence of carotenoids, they are known as great food for keeping healthy skin. Having tomatoes with fat like cheese or olive oil, these fats get easily absorbed.

6.  Dark Chocolate :



Cocoa beans contain rich amount of flavonols and also have antioxidant properties which hydrate your skin and improve circulation.

By consuming the high amount of cocoa powder results in less skin dryness, dark spots, wrinkles, and rashes.

It is great news for those who love to eat chocolate and they should have to choose the chocolate with 70% of cocoa to get more Health Benefits.

7.  Green Tea :Green-Tea

Green tea has the quality to protect your skin from aging and sun damage.

It contains energetic compounds which protect and improve the skin health in different ways.

It also boosts the moisture, roughness, thickness, and elasticity of the skin.

8.  Spinach :

Its leaves are known to as the effective veggie to treat the skin problems and also help to keep your gut healthy.It helps to avoid skin disease with its anti-inflammatory and anti-tumor properties.

9.  Eggs :Eggs

Eggs are known as a rich source of vitamins, minerals, and protein. Vitamins help to flush out toxins with their antioxidant properties and reduce acne, rashes, and infections.

Vitamin D present in eggs helps in the formation of melatonin which helps to protect cancer.


10.  Olive Oil :


Olive oil gives an effective result in weight loss and also improves skin health. It has a large quantity of vitamin E which helps to excrete toxins from the body.

It can be applied topically to protect your skin from UV radiation and decrease the risk of skin cancer.

These foods you can easily add to your daily diet to improve your skin health and decrease the chances of several skin diseases.


Along with these essential foods, you can also give an Ayurvedic Care to your skin with complete Natural Products of  Roop Mantra. It has a wide range of skincare products which help you to overcome different skin problems and give you a healthy glowing skin.


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Healthy Foods that give you Healthy and Glowing Skin
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