While looking at a fashion magazine, suddenly your eyes stop at a close-up picture of a fashion model whose skin is looking so smooth and flawless! At that moment there’ll be only one thing going on in your mind that you want your skin to be just like hers. Well, this dream of yours can turn into reality.

There are various skin care products available in the market which may promise to give you smooth and clear skin. But the hidden harsh chemicals of them can result in damage.

You don’t have to go any far to get smooth skin, some of your kitchen ingredients can help you. These will help you get rid of rough, patchy and tired-looking skin.

Let’s have a look at these natural ingredients which can give you a smooth skin!


Tomatoes :

Fresh tomatoes are an excellent natural skin toner and help to treat problems like pimples and blemishes. To make your skin even and soft, blend some fresh tomatoes in a grinder and make some puree.


Put this tomato paste on your face and leave for 10 minutes.  After this, wash it off with water. Regular use of this helps to shrink the enlarged pores and gives you glowing skin.

 Aloe Vera :

This is another natural ingredient which is a part of many beauty recipes and maintains clear skin. Moreover, it is helpful in reducing wrinkles, fading blemishes and treating acne.


All you need to do is, take a fresh aloe vera leaf and extract its gel. Use this gel on your skin for few times a week. To make it more effective, you can add two tsp. Lemon juice and one tsp. honey to it. Keep this mixture on your face for 15-20 minutes and then wash it.

Cucumber :

Cucumber is well known for its nourishing, hydrating and astringent properties. It has the same pH level as skin and that is why helps to restore the skin’s natural acid layer.


Using a cucumber face mask helps to prevent blackheads, pimples, wrinkles, and dry skin. Preparing this face mask is simple, just mix two tbsp. oatmeal, one half cucumber puree, and a little milk. Spread this mixture on your face and neck area and leave it for about 20 minutes. Rinse it afterward with lukewarm water.

Coconut Oil :

Coconut oil has many benefits for maintaining healthy and smooth skin. It has anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, antimicrobial and skin moisturizing properties.

First, you have to clean your face in a proper manner and pat dry it. Then, massage the facial skin with coconut oil and leave it overnight.

Tip for people with oily skin: – You can add a drop or two of coconut oil to your moisturizer and use it every night.

Papaya :

The natural enzyme of papaya has antibacterial and healing properties. Papaya is helpful in removing dead and damaged skin.


For using papaya as a skin toner, take a few pieces of it and mash them. Put this papaya pulp on your face. After keeping it for about 15 minutes, wash lukewarm water.

Turmeric :

This herb is helpful in treating multiple skin problems. It is useful for lightening the marks and spots present on the face.


For a beautiful and smooth skin, mix a tablespoon of turmeric powder with enough milk to make a paste. Spread this paste on your face and neck area in routine. If your skin is dry, make a paste by mixing one tsp. turmeric powder, two tsp. sandalwood powder and milk.

Mint :

It is another kitchen ingredient which we can use in different ways to reduce blemishes and improve your skin tone. Plus, the menthol of it gives a cooling effect on the skin.


To get rid of pimples, use some fresh mint juice on the affected areas each night. Or you can go for the other option which is to grind some mint leaves and add two tbsp. of plain yogurt to it.

Honey :

This kitchen ingredient lends a glow to your skin and makes it smooth with time. Its rich nutrients, fats, and antioxidants help to keep the skin soft and supple.

Make a thick paste by mixing 1-2 teaspoons honey with one teaspoon cinnamon powder. Put this on your face and leave for 15-20 minutes. After this, wash your face with clean water.

So, with the help of these kitchen ingredients, you can get a smooth skin at home. Along with this, drink plenty of water and eat lots of fruit and green veggies.

Moreover, replace your chemical-laden skin care products with the natural ones. For proper cleaning of your face, you can use Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash.


This Ayurvedic face wash helps to give you clean, fresh, and pimple free face. Plus, you can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Face Cream For Glowing Skin and also for nourishing and rejuvenating your skin.

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Get a Smooth Skin with Ingredients Right from Your Kitchen
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