No matter how long winter, there’s spring sure to follow.

In spring season, flowers are blooming everywhere and temperature gradually rises as earth tilt toward the sun. In this season, weather is at its most pleasant state and fresh breeze is all over in the environment. Spring season means it’s time to have some increments in your beauty efforts. In winter season, skin become dry, scaly and rough or it usually promote the appearance of fine line and form a dead skin cell layer over the skin surface. So, after winter it becomes important to take care of skin positively as it’s time to restore the beauty and suppleness of skin.

Skin is an integral part of our body and is first line of immunity to protect the vital organ from external environment. But during winter we usually cover our body with warm clothes due to which skin does not receive proper moisture & nourishment and becomes dry, scaly and rough. Spring season is the most favorable time for skin care. In this season, you can easily maintain the melanin growth by rejuvenating the skin cells with the use of proper and unified beauty regimen. On the other hand use of natural herb is a remarkable beauty regime to purify, exfoliate and moisturize the skin. Now, it’s time to pamper your skin by using natural herbs. There are some important steps to follow in spring season:

1). Add Aloe-Vera to your regular regime:

Aloe-Vera helps to make your skin younger, smooth and supple. It helps to nourish your skin from deep inside. You can also use Ayurvedic creams which contain Aloe-Vera such as Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness cream.

2). Swap your skin with raw-milk:

Raw milk or full fat milk provides a soothing and cooling effect to skin. You can wipe your face with milk by using cotton ball in a day to sooth or nourish the skin.

3). Use Rosewater:

Rose water helps to provide a great fragrance of smell and support the soft and supple skin. Rose water can be used with various face masks.

4). Cucumber: 

With prior to nutritional benefits, cucumber contains hydrating property too. Cucumber helps to reduce the dark circles, baggy eyes and clear the skin pores. Cucumber contains anti-oxidant properties which help to reduce oxidative stress in the skin.  To enrich your skin texture you can use Roop Mantra herbal face wash for dry skin which contains cucumber as its active ingredient with red beads.

5). Moisturize your skin:

Stay moisturized with Roop Mantra Fairness cream as Roop Mantra Ayurvedic cream is one of the best Ayurvedic cream which contains cucumis sativus, Aloe Vera and other beneficial herbs which help to moisturize the skin. Massage over the cleansed face for twice a day to get a perfect looking skin.

6). Keep your makeup light and natural: As spring is season of fresh air and breeze, therefore apply a light makeup so that skin can breathe in fresh air. Apply a light coverage, pink hues and you can use lip gloss in middle of lips to make it natural.

 Roop Mantra Skin Care Range

Get a beautiful look on this spring – Roop Mantra
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