Pimples are a common skin issue which affects people of different ages. The literal meaning of a pimple is that it is an inflamed spot on the skin.

Most of us try to squeeze these red and swollen pimples which keep popping up on our face from time to time. However, popping pimples is not the best way to get rid of them. You need to have a systematic method including self-care, lifestyle and diet changes, and a regular skin care routine to prevent pimples. But before we talk about prevention tips, let’s discuss some more points about the pimple problem.

Our skin has tiny pores which are connected to the oil glands lying under the skin through follicles. When there is an excess secretion of oil from these glands, the skin pores get clogged. All the extra oil, dirt and germs get collected in these pores. This further leads to an outbreak of issues like pimples, acne, blackheads or whiteheads.

Apart from this genetics, hormonal imbalance, stress, depression, unhealthy habits, and eating are some other factors which lead to pimple breakouts.

Now let’s have a look at some easy tips which you can follow to prevent the appearance of pimples.


1.  Wash Your Face in a Proper Way :

Thorough cleaning is the backbone of any skincare routine. Hence, use a gentle and antibacterial face wash to clean your face two times a day. It means once in the morning and once before going to bed and clean your face if you have heavy sweating. Avoid washing it just because it feels oily, instead you can use facial wipes to remove oil.


Note: – To open up the clogged pores, it’s better to wash with lukewarm water.

2.  Know Your Skin Type :

Choosing the right skin care products is very important. The products which are suitable for oily skin are not perfect for dry skin. Thus, before using anything, you must know your skin type.

3.  Keep your Skin Well Moisturized :

Moisturizing your skin is necessary for the prevention of pimples. But, try to avoid moisturizers which contain chemicals and synthetic fragrances.


It’s better to use mild moisturizing face cream so that your skin doesn’t feel dry after every wash.

4.  Drink Plenty of water :

When your body lacks water or it becomes dehydrated, it signals your skin to produce more oil. Your skin does this to keep itself moisturized.


But, this production of oil increases inflammation and worsen the problem of pimples. That is why you must drink at least 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day to keep yourself hydrated.

5.  Avoid Touching Pimples :

This is another important point which you should keep in your mind. Your fingers are a home to many types of germs and bacteria. These might get transferred to your skin when you keep on touching your pimples. It further leads to infection and worsens the problem for you. Therefore, no more squeezing, touching and scratching the pimple!

6. Keep Your Skin Protected From Sun :

The long-term exposure to the harmful UV rays of the sun dehydrates your skin. This, in turn, makes the skin produce more oils which further leads to blocked pores and breakouts.


Make sure to carry an umbrella and wear sunscreen if you are stepping out in the sun. In addition to this, use herbal face wash for blemishes which occur due to sun rays.

7.  Keep a Check on Your Diet :

There’s a saying that what you eat reflects on your skin. That is why you must be careful about what you are putting on your plate.


According to recent studies, it is seen that foods with high glycemic content can aggravate the pimple problem. Few examples of such foods are baked goodies, soft drinks, chips, and anything made with white flour.

8.  Say No to Scrubbing :

In case you are going through a pimple or acne problem, you must avoid using face scrubs. This is because scrubbing the irritated skin will cause further inflammation and exaggerate the problem.

So, these are some of the essential tips which you must follow to prevent pimple breakouts. Along with this, avoid using harsh chemical laden products on your skin. In fact, replace them with the ones which are natural and safe.

Like for proper cleaning of your face you can use Roop Mantra Neem Face Wash. The natural ingredients of this best skin cleanser help to keep your skin healthy and free from pimples, acne and blackheads etc.


In addition to this, for nourishing and moisturizing your skin you can use Roop Mantra Ayurvedic Medicinal Cream. This Skin care cream holds the goodness of 12 effective herbs and natural ingredients. It provides your skin complete care and helps to remove pimples, blemishes and dark spots.

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Follow these Easy Tips to Prevent the Appearance of Pimples
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