Maintaining a Healthy and Flawless Skin has become tough in this polluted environment. Toxins, Pollutants, Dust Particles, and other contaminants can Damage your appearance severely. Besides this, high exposure to sun may worsen the condition especially in summers. Harmful UV (Ultraviolet) rays of sun are harmful to your skin and cause various skin issues such as tan, skin burn, itchiness, and cancer also.

So, Summers have Arrived. You have to become more alert to take care of your skin properly. From morning to evening, even in night time, you have to make efforts so that your skin could suffer less this summer.

Using Roop Mantra various ayurvedic face wash can be a fine approach to protect skin from harsh sun rays and keep it clean. Here are five special face washes of Roop Mantra that you can choose according to your skin need.

Let’s explain in detail!




1.  Cucumber Face Wash – Revitalizes Your Skin Naturally :

Cucumber is the best choice to take in Summers Especially. This green, water enriched or juicy vegetable can keep you hydrated for all the day. So, don’t you think it’s also good for keeping your skin clean and healthy? And what can be better than using a face wash containing properties of cucumber? Roop Mantra cucumber face wash mixed with Haldi, Aloe vera, Neem, and Mint can protect from pimples, acne, and dark spots.

Besides this, you can also use it for burns, cuts, and bug bites also. For using it, wash your face with water first and then apply to your face. Massage gently it over the face and neck in a circular motion. And then wash your face with water.


2.  Neem Face Wash – Get Pimple-Free Skin :

If you are suffering from Acne, Pimples, Scars, and Skin Pigmentation, you must go for Neem face wash.  In Ayurveda, Neem has been recommended as one of the most valuable skin care herbs. Neem has antibacterial properties so it can keep your skin germ-free and also control excess oil production.

In Roop Mantra Neem face wash two main ingredients basil (Tulsi) and turmeric(haldi) are also added to repair skin damage. Tulsi – the holy herb carries essential oil and Vitamin A and C that are useful for healing your skin damage. The second most effective herb – turmeric is the best antiseptic used from years. It is capable of soothing skin and balances the skin tone. Moreover, it’s also helpful in reducing wrinkles on your face.So, for saving your skin from any fungal infection, you must try Roop Mantra Face Wash for Pimples . It can improve your skin issues to great extent. Use this face wash for pimples and dark spots treatment.


3.  Mix Fruit Face Wash – Feel the Touch of Real Fruit :

Dark skin spots, Tanned skin, and Sunburn are the most common issues in the Summer Season. So, for the removal of these issues taking some necessary steps are necessary. For healing sun damaged skin using face wash loaded with fruit can be a perfect option. You must use this fruity and herbal face wash for sensitive skin.

No doubt fruit are quite helpful to keep our body, mind, and skin healthy. So, you must use a face wash that contains all essential fruit in it. Roop Mantra Face Wash for Glowing Skin comprises apple, carrot, almond, grape seed, and aloe vera extract. All these ingredients can exfoliate your skin and nourish it completely.


4. Lime and Mint Face Wash – Makes Your Every day a New Day :

Roop Mantra Lime and Mint face wash is specially made for all types of Skin. It is enriched with natural ingredients like lemon fruit peel, tulsi, pudina leaf and aloe vera leaf extract. It can greatly help remove dirt without making any harm to your skin. This can greatly work as pimples remove face wash.

It also works well for that skin type which usually suffers from blackheads, acne marks, wrinkles, and blemishes. Regular use of this effective face wash will rejuvenate your Dark and Dull skin.


5.   Aloe Vera Face Wash – Freshness in Every Splash :

Keeping skin Hydrated in the Summer Time is highly essential to keep it moisturized. So, you should use such ingredients that can work precisely to make your skin nourished.  For this purpose, you can use Roop Mantra Aloe Vera Face Wash.

Roop Mantra Aloe Vera face wash is helpful in eliminating dust, chemicals, and other harmful toxins from your skin. It is useful for both males and females. It is the best face wash for glowing skin.

So, “are you ready to take care of your skin with these natural face washes?” Clean and clear skin is always one of our major desires. So, to fulfill this desire it is necessary to taking care of skin appropriately. Start using something good before sun rays damage your skin severely.




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Always choose something Natural, Pure and Trust worthy to take care of your Skin.

Do Take Care of Your Skin this Summer with Roop Mantra Face Washes
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