Pimples are the skin lesions that occur due to the overproduction of oil from the sebaceous gland which gets inflamed when comes in contact with bacteria or free radicals and forms a zit over the skin. Cause of Pimples – Roop Mantra Fairness Beauty Cream, The sebaceous glands are oil gland of body which is present throughout the skin except palms and soles. These glands secrete the waxy and oily substance which is known as sebum. Sebum comes over the skin through hair follicles. But when bacterial growth takes place within the follicles then sebum get clogged in the skin. The over production or coagulation of sebum in the hair follicles lead into the formation of zit, pimple or acne over the skin. Here, we listed a detailed list of causes that lead to acne or pimple.

  1. Formation of dead skin cells:

A formation of the dead skin cell over the skin cells blockage the pores that causing coagulation of the sebum into the pores and leads to formation of pimple or acne.

  1. Pimple during puberty:

Generally in both boys and girls pimples occur during puberty time. As at this time body undergo various physical changes and sebaceous gland become over reactive which cause pimples.

  1. Bacterial growth:

Due to growth of bacteria Propionibacterium pores become clogged and cause the coagulation of the sebum into the pores and leads to formation of pimple or acne.

  1. Hormone changes:

Hormone changes especially testosterone which is present normally in both male and female triggers over-production of the sebum from sebaceous glands that cause acne, pimple or zit.

  1. High Glycemic Foods:

Products high in glycemic content or sugar content cause pimples and acne. Excess consumption of Diary products can also cause the production of pimples and acne.

  1. Stress:

In nowadays life, stress is the common factor behind various problems. Acne or pimple can also cause due to stress as it trigger the pimples.

  1. Frequently touching skin:

Frequently touching face or rubbing can cause acne formation as due to this various types of bacteria’s get into contact of face which causes the coagulation of tiny pores.

  1. Not cleansing properly:

It is important to cleanse skin twice a day as it helps to remove excessive oil and dirt from the skin or also remove the dead skin cells from skin. Do not apply heavy makeup which cause blockage of pores. Use natural products that are non-comedogenic.You Can use Roop Mantra Mix fruit face wash for dry skin.

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Cause of Pimples
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