Roop Mantra Fairness Face Wash has cucumber as the key ingredient which plays an important role in skin care. Right from our childhood we’ve heard a lot about its goodness of cucumber from our elders like it help to relieve from baggy eyes, irritation and dryness. Cucumber is much better than […]


Skin is a first line of defense which protects inner body from various pathogens such as fungi, bacteria, virus, toxins and pathogen. One of the main functions of skin is to maintain thermoregulation between body and external environment. In spring, temperature start rising gradually and weather remain unpredictable which can […]


Aging is a natural but slow process and prevails during older ages which are characterized as spider veins, wrinkles, fine lines, dullness, turkey neck, brown spots, loss of collagen and sagging skin. These signs of aging can be easily observe in one’s 40 s. But in some cases people see […]


Black heads, also known as open comedowns, are dark spots that developed over the nose or surface of skin. Black heads are easily developed on skin when there is excess production of sebum, skin debris or keratin on skin surface. When the Sebum (oil from sebaceous glands), keratin and skin […]


Healthy skin has a perfect oil and water balance, which allows tissue cells to do their job naturally. When we talk about skin type, it seems to be an easy question but are you aware of your skin type? If someone asks, you which skin type you have? Your answer […]


Hyper-Pigmentation is a skin disorder which is characterized as dark spots and patches on body and skin. Hyper-pigmentation can be caused due to excess accumulation of melanin on skin. Melanin is a complex polymer which is responsible for determining skin and hair colour. The over production of melanin is due […]