Smooth, glowing and beautiful skin is a desire of every woman and is appreciated by everyone. Clear skin with glowing complexion is a sign of healthy skin and adds charm to your personality. Vibrant glowing skin attracts everyone. Ayurveda has many time tested ways to make skin radiant, attractive, clear […]


Wash your face twice a day: Make a regular routine of washing your face twice a day- once in the morning and next in the evening before going to bed. It removes excess oil & dirt from skin and retains moisture. If you are wearing makeup, don’t forget to remove […]


In Summer season, you need a unique skin care routine free from comedogenic & oily products that help to protect skin from harsh UV rays. Most of the people are not aware to the simple tactics of daily skin care routine. To prevent skin from harmful effect of UV rays, […]


Summer Season is already at its peak level and temperature is rising day by day. To protect skin from harm effect of summer, you need natural products that work tremendously to protect skin with delicacy and gentle approach. Roop mantra Ayurvedic Products help to protect skin cells from the exposure […]


Get ready for the summer, a season for hangouts, vacations and exploring new places. But along with these, it is also a time to take a curative care of your skin too. In summer season, most of the people become more curious about their skin as a signs of damaged […]


In summer, we are more curious about our skin than rest of the year. Naturally, it’s the best time to have a healthy, glowing and blemish free complexion. Most men and women start experimenting on their skin during summer time due to which they suffer from acne flare ups, tanning, […]