Healthy skin glow is something that one never wants to hide but what if you do not have that glow on your face. The only solution left with you is to apply foundation on your skin to cover-up all the flaws and give you artificial skin glow. Isn’t it? Have […]


India is the country with people of different diversity which are living at different places like deserts, hill stations, beaches, etc.  Here women mostly focus on their hairs, body structure and their skin complexion. Every second girl desires to attain even tone and beautiful skin. You might have heard that […]

Common skin problems and their solutions

Skin is the body’s protective outer shell. Lots of harmful elements such as chemicals, infections, cuts and sunlight can affect the delicate body parts but our skin acts as a shield. Time and sun exposure take a toll on skin’s appearance. Facial skin problems can occur because of age, exposure […]