As the old saying “You are what you eat”. It is truly applicable on our daily busy routine life. Most of the times, we see peoples eating junk foods and other unhealthy food are more prone to infections and disease types. The same is applicable to our skin, a person who is taking proper care of their diet routine, usually have glowing and radiant skin. So, if you are not yet aware of foods that are unhealthy for your skin, then try to avoid these foods for skin care.

candyCandy: Candies can be the main reason behind acne during adolescence age. Girls and boys having habits to eat candies are more prone to pimples and breakouts. So, avoid candies for glowing and acne free skin.

cerealsCereals: Don’t eat cereals with added sugar or high glycemic index. It is found that whole grain cereals has lower glycemic content then the white cereals. Foods for glowing and radiant skin.

milkMilk: Some studies shows that milk can make their way to the blood stream where it effect insulin, cause inflammation and enhance the oil production in the skin. So, for people who are suffering from such type of problems, try organic milk, a sit is one of the best alternative.

potato-chipsPotato Chips: Potato chips and nacho chips can increase the inflammation. So, try to avoid this kind of products. Girls and boys loved to eat potato chips, but to keep your skin free from pimples and breakout try to avoid them.

sugar-smoothiesSugar Smoothies: Sugar smoothies are the biggest culprit’s behind acne and pimples. Sugar and preservatives used in smoothies are not natural. You can try to make your own smoothies at your home. IT is safe and gives a better results.

fast-foodFast Food: Most of the victims of acne and pimples are connected with the habit of Junk foods. Such products are high in glycemic index and cause pimples, acne and breakouts. So, try to avoid junk and fast food, for naturally glowing skin.


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Avoid Foods for Skin Care
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  1. Awesome tips!!! this things are really helpful. Thanks for sharing.

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