Get ready for the summer, a season for hangouts, vacations and exploring new places. But along with these, it is also a time to take a curative care of your skin too. In summer season, most of the people become more curious about their skin as a signs of damaged skin are easily foreseen due to effect of ultraviolet rays. When it comes to skin care, nothing is off limits anymore. But rethink, as most of the cosmetics or products containing harsh chemicals that ends up with leaving acne flares and scars behind them when use on daily basis. Use Skin Care Cream for the summer to protect skin, this summer you need whole new natural products that work to replenish and rejuvenate the skin synergistically.

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness products are truly based on holistic approach and a unique combination of Ayurvedic herbs that help to protect skin from free radicals and UV rays. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness products consist of

  • Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness cream
  • Roop Mantra Ayurvedic herbal face wash
  • Roop Mantra Ayurvedic capsules
  • Roop Mantra Neem & Tulsi Soap
  • Roop Mantra Aloe-Vera & Lime

Roop mantra product range includes all the products that you need to be in your daily skin care routine. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic products are versatile and provide a complete approach to protect and relieve skin from tanning, acne flares, acne scars, zit and premature signs of aging.

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness cream:    

How to Get Smooth and Glowing skin by Roop Mantra face Cream

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic fairness face cream fulfills the all essential needs of your skin. Roop Mantra fairness face cream is enriched with herbs such as Aloe Vera, Basil, turmeric, Lemon, Cucumber etc. those posses’ anti-acne, anti-blemish, anti-microbial, anti-oxidant properties. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic products benefit in removing dark spots, acne, scars, wrinkles, pimples, dark circles and premature signs of aging. Roop Mantra natural fairness cream helps to moisturize and protects skin from sun rays as well as provide glow with blemish free complexion to the skin. Roop Mantra herbal Ayurvedic cream helps in dull skin and rough surface. Roop Mantra herbal cream is the based on holistic approach and suitable for both men and women.

Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash: 


Roop Mantra Herbal Face Wash is herbal based formulation which contains cucumber extract and glycerin that delivers long lasting benefits in removing dust, dirt, make up and pollutants which are embedded deep in the skin. It also possessed antiseptic activity against burns, bug bites and bacterial infections. It also helps to cleanse excess oil and removing foreign particles from the skin.

Roop Mantra herbal Capsules:    roopmantra-ayurvedic-capsules

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic capsules are the herbal based skin care capsules that help to relieve from various disorders associated with skin such as acne, pimples, dark circles, acne flares, blackheads and premature signs of aging. Roop Mantra Ayurvedic capsules help to nourish the skin by improving the metabolism, digestion and blood circulation. Roop Mantra herbal capsules contain 8 different Ayurvedic herbs that work synergistically and provide essential nutrients to improve skin texture and helps skin to fight against various microbial infections. Roop Mantra natural capsules possess anti-oxidants, antimicrobial and antiseptic properties that benefits in keeping skin hydrating, radiant, glowing and rejuvenating.

Roop Mantra Ayurvedic soap: lime-and-aloevera-soap-roop-mantra

In soap, segment Roop Mantra has two variants viz. Roop Mantra Neem & Tulsi soap and Roop Mantra Aloe-Vera & lime soap. Roop Mantra soaps underneath the ancient wisdom in combination with modern amenity and categorized as “A grade/ Grade 1” Soaps, as they possess TMF value more than 76%. The TMF value at this range provides a very high cleansing efficiency and great bathing experience.

Roop Mantra products are completely based on Ayurvedic formulations and don’t possess any adversity and side effects. Herbs used to formulate Roop Mantra Products are potent and time tested and posses numerous medicinal activities. For optimal results, Use Roop Mantra Products (Face wash, soap, cream and Ayurvedic capsules) in the prescribed manner.

Are you ready for summer, meet all new range of Roop Mantra products
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